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MAK Digital is excited to announce our partnership with Resolve Pay, a leading B2B payment solutions provider. Our expertise in e-commerce development, combined with Resolve Pay's innovative payment solutions, allows us to offer your business a seamless way to increase sales. Now, you can give your customers the flexibility of 'Buy Now, Pay Later', streamlining the checkout process and boosting conversions. Resolve Pay helps businesses increase revenue, improve cash flow, and optimize the customer experience at checkout.

Smarter Payments, Stronger Business

Resolve Pay elevates B2B e-commerce for you and your customers. Their seamless BNPL options and robust risk management empower customers with flexibility and give you peace of mind. Immediate upfront payments optimize cash flow, while Resolve Pay handles collections. You focus on growth; they ensure a secure, frictionless buying experience.

Your Key to Higher E-commerce Sales

 Resolve Pay empowers B2B businesses to elevate their e-commerce experience. Their flexible Buy Now, Pay Later (BNPL) payment solution integrates seamlessly into your online store, providing customers with convenient installment payment options. This customer-centric approach boosts conversion rates, reduces shopping cart abandonment, and creates a smoother checkout process for increased customer satisfaction and loyalty.

Resolve Pay's platform isn't just about customer convenience; it's about your business's health. Their seamless integration and immediate upfront payments optimize your cash flow, providing vital working capital for reinvestment. By taking on risk management and collections, Resolve Pay frees up valuable time and resources, allowing you to focus on what matters most – growing your business.