E-commerce Strategies to Carry Through 2019

Every year, more and more people switch their primary vehicle of retail consumption from brick and mortar to online stores. Online business is currently taking in over 10% of the money in retail, and is projected to grow 15% more each year. That means there is no better time than RIGHT now to make the most of an E-commerce business. Anyone with some creativity and quick thinking, bringing forth good ideas to the web, can expect to make incredible amounts of profit, but not without following some of the strategies that are increasingly more important to being successful in making E-commerce sales.

High Quality Attention-Grabbing Marketing
At a first glance at this title, you may think, ‘That’s impossible! My budget is only so big!’. That’s completely understandable. Business owner’s can’t be expected to create full blown million dollar ad-campaigns at a whim. However, an effort can be made, and will show results, that’ll take a business over the edge. Especially when so much of the competition is so short-handed. Businesses can create high quality content for social media through freelancers, digital marketing companies, or even some basic photo-shop skills, where the end result shows time and effort were put in.

Set up Shop on Multiple Platforms
The internet is huge, as is it’s population. And while most internet users aren’t tied down to a single website, a good amount are. Get your products into people’s hands by selling on different sites, such as Amazon, Ebay, Tumblr, and having a presence on all the big-name social media sites. By being universally available throughout the web, your products will be recognizable by users of all different platforms, meaning more money for your business.

Customer Service
By providing next-level customer service, businesses are going to be playing on a whole other field. So many businesses lack the means and know-how to provide customers with instant support to satisfy that instant gratification that so many of us crave when shopping online. Different methods, such as chat bots, responding to Instagram and Facebook comments, having a call-line, and more, will prove to be extremely beneficial towards securing customers for the future. Carry this strategy to 2019 to ensure your business will have a huge return on investment through 2020 and onward.

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