What will happen when Magento Go closes down?

What will happen when Magento Go closes down on February 1, 2015? For the 3,000 live stores that are currently using the platform, there are a few different options. You can go with Magento’s partner, Big Commerce and take advantage of their ‘free migration’ and up to $900 in free and discounted support services.

Before you stress about all the money and time you’ve put into your website, there are a few benefits to migrating and relaunching your site!

– Your business will not be affected during the holiday season as the migrating can be postponed until after the busy season. Transfers can happen during a more quieter January month.
– If there were any mistakes during the first go around, you will have an opportunity to change it and make it better, the second time around.

– If you have the money to go the Community or Enterprise route, Magento will offer customer support.
– You can export your product and customer database and import it onto the new e-commerce platform.
– If you didn’t initially have a responsive store, you can now plan for a new store that is mobile responsive and optimize.
– There are plenty of options other than using Magento’s partner, Big Commerce. Look into Lemonstand, Shopify and more!

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