Follow this 4 step guide to Protect from Google Penalties

Follow this 4 step guide to Protect from Google Penalties

Google introduced several updates this last year and the Penguin as well as Hummingbird update especially gave the cue to marketers that they should avoid the doubtful link building tactics to rank well with the search engines. You should concentrate on “white hat” strategies that focus on building quality content for your website in order to rank well with search engines such as Google. If you develop valuable and unique content that is useful to both the customers as well as the search engines then you are ensuring that your website stays unaffected by the constant algorithmic changes brought about by Google.
There are a few steps you can take to minimise the risk to your website when Google is passing out the updates:

Stay updatedpenguin-2-LRT-case-study-360

You should take it upon yourself to stay up to date about any algorithmic changes announced by Google. To keep up with updates like Penguin you could hire a reputed digital marketing company or do it yourself. If you do not understand the factors underlying the updates then how will you make changes to your marketing plan to get the best out of them?

Ensure you have a link audit

If your website has not been affected by the Google updates like Hummingbird and Penguin then it does not mean that it is safe from being hit anytime in the future. Instead of worrying about if and when you will be hit it is better to hire a SEO company or use some online tool to get a link audit conducted. This kind of an audit will keep you relaxed because it will explain in detail how your website could be at risk from the updates. If you are able to identify the issues that could pose problems in the future then you will be able to take the course to change them.

Targeting low quality links- A strict no-no

The latest Penguin update from Google is directly aimed at several link variables. If you are used to engaging in questionable link practices like targeting low links for your marketing strategy then you could be at serious risk. If you are knowingly and intentionally targeting low links for any marketing purposes then you should put a stop to it immediately.

Build quality content

Google has released new website guidelines and these guidelines show search engines consider the websites that are used, shared and discussed to signify popularity and thus get ranking. Any kind of valuable content can always be promoted through outreach after it’s initial release which will help drive more traffic to the website, generate good quality links, and build your website’s authority.


Your website could be under the Google penalties or if not then it could be on the border. If you follow some of the above mentioned guidelines then you are ensuring that you are safeguarding your website from future changes and updates from the search engine giant, Google. The above mentioned points also show you the way to gradually improve the health of your website.

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