How to Survive the Top Web Trends of The Year

How to Survive the Top Web Trends of The Year

At the start of the year every blogger will pull out the crystal ball, stare at the tarot card and do everything in his power to predict the top trends that will show face during the year. The list that he or she will come up with will obviously range from the distantly possible to the absolutely certain.
It should be understood here that no trend jumps out of the blue. If studied carefully then you will see that the trends that come up in 2014 have their roots firmly embedded in 2013. There may be a chance that a revolutionary concept may be popularised during the year but the fact of the matter is that the year will see small incremental gains inspired by some gradual technological development.
If you want to comprehend the future of web design then you just have to look behind you. Here are some of the web trends you will definitely see this here and here is how you can effectively survive them:

jQuery losing market share

It seemed like a revelation when it first came on the screen and it can still leave you amazed that how easily you can manipulate DOM element and you are not talking on just one browser but across all of them. jQuery is one of the most popular libraries seen online but it has many critics as well and the primary complaint is that it is too big. Although Version 2 has dropped support for versions 6, 7 and 8 of IE, it is still too large a file to load.
Survival tip: Get to know the language behind jQuery

Hover Goes Down

The: hoverPseudo class in CSS is undoubtedly one of the most unique design concepts the Web has seen. It is linked with the cursor and it indicates when a user is interested in clicking and element and then encourages him to do so. Sadly as gadgets that do not come with a curser are flooding the market, everybody is questioning the usefulness of: hover.
Survival tip: Mobile users will surpass desktop users but the latter will still be in double figures.

Is the mobile web dead?

The web designer’s attitude and likes would play a pertinent part in the entire web design landscape. This was so much so that the mobile world dies a quick death when someone suggested that it was a good alternative to responsive design.
Survival tip: Develop multiple sites and treat them as micro sites.

And the crown is taken away from content

Where it was believed that “content was king”, the endless march of CMS like WordPress, Drupal and SquareSpace make sure that the designers can design websites not only for content that has not reached them but also for content that is not permanent.
Survival tip: The new king is brand. Focus on designing systems not fixed pages.

The rich media is back

Flash went down and clients were rejecting anything like it as well. The not so great quality of HTML 5 video gave rich media a backseat but this year looks like it will bring some changes.
Survival tip: Use rich media to enhance projects and keep the load times low.

Google will pull the rug out from under you again

Google might just surprise you anytime and you may discover the number one ranked websites languishing on page 100 or 102 the next day.
Survival tip: Keep the focus on writing good content meant for people.

SVG will finally be launchedweb trends

In the past year, the web has been taken over by icons and there is less of text to be seen. SVG solves the responsive image issue.
Survival tip: Try your hand at exporting a few SVG files from some drawing application and spend some time studying the code.

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