What Is Responsive Web Design?


Responsive web design, or adaptive, as it sometimes referred to; is a web design/development method in which the website adjusts itself and displays according to the size of the user’s screen. This translates to a website is optimized as the device the user is viewing it on.

If you are familiar with BigCommerce, you would be aware that BigCommerce offers an alternate design template for mobile devices. Therefore; a merchant can set their web stores according to the mobile design. But this design will not reflect the customized look of your brand. It will be like a standard BigCommerce mobile templeate, the one that is used in all the BigCommerce stores. There is an alternative available in BigCommerce that allows to opt out of pre-configured designs. You could hire BigCommerce developers and get things done. Hiring experience BigCommerce designers or developers can assist you in getting exactly what you want to get out of your site.

These days, responsive layouts and such web solutions are preferred by most of the online business owners and develops as they are able to reach their mobile users. This results in developing a separate mobile interface design for your online store, your website will reorder itself for a better appearance on small screens.

You can achieve your goals by hiring experienced BigCommerce designers or developers. There are other ways for implementing adaptive layouts for your online store. One of the ways could be Magento online store that also offers a good range of responsive templates. But this requires more efforts to setup and is far more complex and expensive.


Advantages of BigCommerce Responsive Website

Expand your reach to Mobile Visitor
More people are using internet. This exponential growth is because of the increased number of tablets and mobile devices. Before this movement, users would find themselves redirected to a particular website, specific to a device they were using. However; due to responsive websites, the same website is implemented across all devices.

Increase sales and conversion rates
One of the most important advantages of responsive design is that a user receives better navigation and overall experience. The user is not re-directed, and the use of standardized Style Sheets (CSS) are used across all devices. This gives it a better look and feel. This leaves your customer with a positive impact on user to increase conversions from your website.

Merge your analytics and reporting Activities
It help you to develop a unified approach. Using a single responsive website means all the analytics is done on a single website. There’s no need to compare user journey or funnels among the different versions of your website.

More visibility on search engines

Responsive Design helps you to manage your website using single web address. (no need for subdomains). You could use unique hypertext links for all your online marketing activities. This also reduces efforts in managing your website to make your website SEO friendly.

Saves time and expenditure on mobile development

Responsive websites takes less time for development in comparison to an additional separate mobile website development. The cost involved is also less than traditional mobile design. Therefore; there’s no reason to avoid setting up responsive website for your online store.

Easy Content Management for the Website

A single administrative system for managing website content is far better than handling two websites for the same store. All the focus and optimization activities can be done using a single CMS with less content to manage.

Better offline browsing experience
Responsive design helps sellers to to deliver high quality content to visitors across all types of devices. On the top of that offline browsing features of powers the websites to access them on the go. With more number of smart phones used these days the future is pretty much bright.

Responsive or Adaptive design allows you to stay current with the latest trends. Responsive websites are designed to keep small screens in mind, so they have to load quickly and if it does not happen, there are ways to speed up the responsive websites.

Because of the demand of multimedia and smart phones it is has became necessary for online store owners to adopt this change and ensure the endless possibilities of increasing conversion and get new customers for their business.

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