How to add Google Analytics Ecommerce Tracking to Your Volusion Site

Here is how to get Google analytics eCommerce tracking set up on your site:

First copy the basic Google Analytics code:

  • Go to and either sign up or add a new profile. Hopefully you know how to do this, if not just google it.
  • Go to your Volusion backend and then design > file editor
  • In the right hand column you’ll see your current active template file. It’ll look something like template_xxxxxx.html
  • Click that and scroll to the bottom of the page, you’ll see a closing body tag which looks like this (without the quotes): “
  • Paste your google analytics code directly above the closing body tag
  • Save the file and the first part is done!
  • Now for the ecommerce tracking:

  • First enable ecommerce tracking in your Google Analytics account. Google it to find out how to do that.
  • Go back to your Volusion admin and go to design > site content
  • Scroll all the way down to the “Order Finished” section and click on the article with ID 130. It’ll say Orderfinished.asp and ROI_Javascripts
  • In that article paste into the body section this code:
  • Replace with YOURDOMAINHERE with your domain name
  • Replace with your own Google Analytics tracking ID (UA-XXXXXXX-X)
  • Save this file and you will be well on your way to tracking all of your Volusion transactions in Google Analytics
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