Why it is not enough to be good enough in eCommerce


At MakDigitalDesign.com
, we aren’t just good enough. We’re masters in this trade. Our expert and highly experienced staff consists of real world experts and highly skilled designers, SEO authorities, knowledgeable project managers and highly accomplished developers. Our Team know where you need to be and how to get you there to ensure your success. Our success depends on building you a system that gauges and produces results for your customer and drives sales for your business.

Wholesale & Retail


B2B or B2C?

They’re not mutually exclusive. We individualize our approach to develop the right approach for your specific needs. Whether you’re in retail, B2B or both. We have expertly cultivated deep and comprehensive expertise from servicing both industries. We can be who you need us to be when you need us to be, ensuring a proven solution to address every industry. Customer satisfaction is our goal and keeping it simple is our mantra. Keep it simple and keep it moving.


User Experience

A bad design is something users immediately notice. Users want to be able to navigate from your home page to checkout with ease, without getting lost or frustrated. These are the earmarks of a well constructed site. With this in mind, our experts consider every step in the buying process to ensure your customers enjoy the journey through your site, and you enjoy higher conversions.


Beauty and the Brand


Everything is about brand today. A great web design promotes your brand. Your web design represents your brand and customers immediately recognize your site, and feel comfortable navigating this safe and well constructed site. Because our expert designers want to preserve the integrity of your brand, we will ensure your site is as engaging as it is functional. Your brand is you. Building websites is our brand. And we take pride in it. And pride in making your brand shine!!

Strategic Planning


Our work never ends


We are constantly striving to make your business the best it can be. From the beginning of our partnership and for the life of our relationship, we will evaluate usability, performance and competitive viability. In the global economy and ever changing industry in which we all do business we can never become complacent. Our team will continuously review your analytics, market opportunities, strengths and weaknesses. We assess new technology, enhancements and features to improve your sales. Staying on top of our game, so you can stay on top of yours!

App Development


We’ll build an app for that


Need an app to support your website? Our team of iOS and Android developers deploy anything from a basic mobile store front to a highly customized, highly specialized mobile application to support the needs of your business. Just check out Proamusa.com; a very happy customer!

Data Integration

data integrationdownload

Making it all work together


We work hard to make data integration as simple and effortless as possible. That is the goal of our developers. We make it easy to integrate with any back end system. We have doing this for over a decade and are good at it.

Data Analysis

Data speaks louder than words


It’s not enough to simply view your data anymore. It has to be interpreted into actionable insights. We will review and thoroughly analyze your data and recommend enhancements for improvement. Our platform integrates with Google Analytics and Omniture. Therefore; you can track site performance and enhance marketing efforts.



SEO is not a four-letter word


We’ll help you set your SEO goals and devise a strategy that balances branding and content. Keeping in mind that quality is essential when it comes to execution, especially with front end code and SEO, our developers skillfully adhere to the highest W3C compliance standards.

We provide the following tools to assist you in accomplishing your SEO objectives:

Aliased URL structure to be readable and keyword rich
Default best practice title tags that are fully customizable
Schema set up with rich microdata
Relevant keyword Header Tags on all pages
XML based Google site map
Auto-Generated HTML based site map
Internal linking strategy


How we do what we do:

With a team of data analysts, project managers, web designers and user experience experts aided by our top notch developers, we will work with you through our six-phase implementation process.

Analysis and Discovery
Requirements & Wireframes
Graphic Design & Branding
Development & Implementation
Testing & Training
Website Launch

Managed Hosting

We’ve got your back

Our expert hosting teams monitor 24/7 for performance, security, upgrades and patches. We’re serious about your security and comply with PCI LEVEL 1 standards.

Hosting and security features include:

Web application firewall
Centralized log collection
Intrusion detection and monitoring
Internal/external vulnerability scanning
Database encryption
Patch management
Anti-virus protection
File integrity monitoring
Application and server monitoring
24/7 monitoring and support by Mak Digital Design Staff


The Master Plan

We learn all about you and your business. We analyze your data, your competitors, your goals and objectives, your differentiators and your potential barriers to get a comprehensive overview to ensure we develop a plan that’s individualized for you. These components allows us develop your site that promotes your brand and represent you and it, for maximum exposure.

Recent Projects

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