6 SEO Basics All Webmasters Must Know

SEO basicsIt is well known that SEO is really important for small businesses too! But, when we talk about the implementation of SEO, it is rather difficult than merely knowing about it. It can actually be complex. Big companies like Google and Microsoft hire some of the smartest mathematicians and engineers to calculate the best algorithm for them. Digging deeper into this will make you feel overwhelmed about the subject and the entire process.

You can start with these 6 simple SEO techniques that will build your presence in the long term. Even non-techies can build the SEO for their websites by trying these tricks within a spare hour.

Trick 1- Optimize your title tags:
Give a proper title tag to all your pages that perfectly matches your business. A good title tag for SEO must not be greater than 70 characters (including spaces) and include your brand name and product or service related keywords. These title tags are typically displayed in the natural search results. So don’t forget to be informative and exciting enough to prompt search engine users to click on your page. While doing so, don’t stuff keywords into the title tag as it can lead to keyword penalties of search engines.

Trick2- Create persuasive Meta descriptions:
Along with a clear title tag, every page should contain a compelling Meta description too. These Meta descriptions should not be more than 150- 160 characters and should include at least one of that particular page’s target keyword phrases. While Meta descriptions do not hold the SEO weight, they are important because due to their presence in the snippets if the search engine results. It highly impacts your website’s overall click through rate (CTR). Meta descriptions should be written in such a manner that they capture the search user’s attention. This will lead in increasing the number of visitors clicking on your website as compared to your competitors’.

Trick 3- Put keyword rich headings:
You can make a great page with appropriate title tag and Meta description, but what should be done for the page content? As far as the pages’ body text is considered, h2 tag and heading tags containing the target keywords/ phrases in your content can be a great way to improve your overall SEO value. The search engines will place an added emphasis on these tags and will place your website above the competitors’ to build higher traffic.

Trick 4- Add ALT tags to the images:
ALT tags given to the images used in the website hold a great importance for SEO. They originated to provide an ease of using text to speech devises by the visually impaired website visitors. Again you should not stuff the all your target keywords into the ALT tags. These tags should provide a clear description and meaning to the images used on your website.

Trick 5- Update your site regularly:
Search engines prefer to provide results that best match their users’ needs, contain the latest, appropriate and most up-to date information. The best way of doing this is creating a company blog or news section. This will meet both- the user’s and the search engines’ requirements.

Trick 6- Build internal links between pages:
Another way to crawl the search engine results is to create internal links that can connect different pieces of content on your website. Adding text link to pages within the body of your website will help visitors to find the information they are looking for and also boost your website’s SEO.

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