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Firearms Parts Manufacturing | Launched 03/23/22

Tactical Machining has been distributing the highest quality parts for the firearms industry since 2008. Although they have had success they recognized it was time for a much-needed change. They desired a migration to a new ecommerce platform; felt their current platform had been holding them back. They desired more customization capabilities in their site and an ecommerce platform that was user-friendly to manage. After carefully considering their options they chose to go with the ecommerce platform BigCommerce moving forward. Along with the migration Tactical Machining also entrusted a full redesign of their site to MAKDigital.


When Tactical Machining approached MAK Digital Design, their online presence faced significant challenges due to an outdated ecommerce platform. Recognizing the need for a dynamic and customizable solution, we recommended a migration from the obsolete Volusion platform to the robust and user-friendly BigCommerce platform, positioning Tactical Machining for future success.

The migration wasn't just a technological upgrade; it was a strategic decision to empower Tactical Machining with the customization options they desired. BigCommerce provided the ideal canvas for our collaborative efforts, ensuring that the platform was not only easy to understand and manage but also tailored to the unique needs of Tactical Machining.

Before the migration, Tactical Machining's website lacked not only the style and branding essential for a competitive online presence but also the structural integrity needed to engage and retain customers effectively. The home page, featuring only "Best Selling Products," failed to showcase new or featured products, missing out on opportunities to captivate visitors. The absence of a well-defined structure allowed random consumer questions and comments to appear on various pages, potentially diverting potential customers and diluting the brand message.

Understanding the critical role of SEO and digital marketing in enhancing online visibility, MAK Digital Design implemented a comprehensive strategy to address these challenges. Our team conducted thorough SEO optimizations, ensuring that Tactical Machining's new BigCommerce site was primed for organic search success. This included keyword optimization, meta tag enhancements, and strategic content structuring to align with industry best practices.

Simultaneously, our digital marketing efforts focused on creating a compelling narrative for Tactical Machining. We crafted engaging content that not only showcased their products but also highlighted the brand's unique value proposition. Social media channels were leveraged to amplify Tactical Machining's reach, engaging with the target audience and building a community around the brand.

The results were transformative — not only did the migration to BigCommerce provide the desired customization and ease of management, but the integrated SEO and digital marketing strategies also propelled Tactical Machining's site to organically rank higher on search engine result pages. The revamped site now stands as a testament to the harmonious blend of technology, design, and digital marketing expertise, ensuring Tactical Machining's online presence reflects the professionalism and quality synonymous with their brand.

Tactical Machining Home, Category and Product pages.

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  • Home Page
  • Category Page
  • Product Page


The redesign of the BigCommerce website design was based off firearms and their iconic gun-metal gray color, the new style is feels sleek and stylish with accompanying modern features. It was decided a new home page and product pages would be needed, the category pages and navigation bar would be updated with the new style. The new home page makes every attempt to draw in potential consumers with “New” and “Featured” product sections. Product pages and icons now advertise their FFL status, additionally product pages will now suggest related products or products viewed by others. Thanks to our BigCommerce developers the new site is comparable to its competitors and no longer lacks a sense of authority and credibility.


Custom Features & Functionality

  • Custom API integration with Segment
  • Complex Mega Navigation
  • Custom built BigCommerce Theme
  • Custom component for easy product bundling
  • Custom up-sell side cart component


MAK Digital Design devised a comprehensive solution for Tactical Machining, addressing the challenges posed by their outdated ecommerce platform. Recognizing the need for a dynamic and customizable platform, we recommended migrating from Volusion to BigCommerce. This strategic move not only provided the desired customization options but also ensured a user-friendly management experience.

To tackle the lack of style, branding, and structural coherence on Tactical Machining's previous site, we implemented a multifaceted approach. The redesign involved creating an engaging home page that showcased not only "Best Selling Products" but also new and featured items, establishing a more captivating user experience.

Understanding the importance of online visibility, our team executed a robust SEO and digital marketing strategy. Thorough optimizations, including keyword enhancements and meta tag improvements, were implemented to boost organic search rankings. Simultaneously, engaging content creation and social media outreach were leveraged to build a compelling brand narrative and expand Tactical Machining's online presence.

The results were transformative, elevating Tactical Machining's site to organically rank higher on search engine result pages. The harmonious integration of technology, design, and digital marketing expertise stands as a testament to the success of the comprehensive solution provided by MAK Digital Design.

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