What Wins for a SEO Copy: Valuable Content or Longer Content?

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What Wins for a SEO Copy: Valuable Content or Longer Content?

Blog posts are considered to be the most powerful firearm for SEO copy. But, with the intricacy of Search Engine filters, bloggers are trying write long and over-stressing content. The blogs are now full of page-wasting and dumb images that overshadow the main points that writer tried to explain. This over-exaggeration is making it difficult to read the Blog posts and understand them.

Being famous for writing extremely long articles, I have been tagged for writing interminably long, often less interesting articles. Some of the long articles written by me have even flopped. It’s not easy to sustain the interest and key-point while writing a long SEO copy. Still, when bloggers ask my views that how long an article should be, I end up saying “I start writing from the beginning and finish it at the end.”

Today the art of writing is vanished and it has been replaced with the skill of blogging. We don’t have writers on internet any more. Now we’re all freelancers and bloggers optimizing for SEO copy.

Writing has become technical with blogging especially blogging for SEO copy. The art of writing is lost into the skill of blogging and mechanically arranging the content according to an implicit standard. To specify the process, divide your copy with at least 5 headlines; utilize diagrams with bars, figures and colors to provide the “supporting data” for your advises; and include images that overshadow the text so the blog can be located in image results. But that’s not writing, merely mechanical arrangement of facts resulting into dreadful blogging. The sole idea of blogging is sharing what’s on your mind and making it easily accessible by readers.

A longer copy is considered to be a SEO copy these days. The click behind the thought is that perhaps if it is a LONG copy, only then search engine will consider it to be useful and valuable. But when it comes to “value” I believe that people are hung up on “creating value” artificially because they are told to create value.

I reckon Google SERPs for all this fuss. Google quietly embedded “in-depth articles” at the lowermost level of their SERPs a few months ago. Your content becomes interesting with “Value”. Length doesn’t matter as it could be long or short. You can use short or even long words. Word length doesn’t matter. Trust me, the numbers and length of words does not matter at all.

The targeting shifted its focus from website tracking to keyword targeting, finally ending up on targeting topics. And since these topics are boring, your “awesome” content doesn’t attract new attention. You can surely get 50-100 Tweets, Likes, and whatever by preaching the coir, but if this is done with every article it dumb-struck the data. You are not experiencing the real growth.

If you reach at the end of an article, you should stop there instead of writing for the sake of long article. If you can present a good content, your work is done. You can put keywords into, ALT= text, page URLs, meta-descriptions, title tags, H1s and filenames but that does not count in on-page optimization. True optimization is done when you find helpful text and the right keywords.

To top the SERPs, you just need to create an interesting article for your exclusive SEO copy. It has always about being exciting, remarkable, valuable, and supportive rather than firing extremely long- difficult to read content.

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