Top Web Designing Trends for 2014

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Top Web Designing Trends for 2014

New Year always brings some exciting opportunities for business around the world. It’s time to look forward to new endeavors for the web designing and technology professionals. Year 2013 witnessed many revolutions- some faded away with time and few are still growing strong. Let’s see what 2014 has brought with itself in the past few months and what may be expected in the coming months.

“Flat Design”- The New Tipsy- Topsy
Flat Design was one of the top emerging trends of web designing in 2013 and it is still gripping strong hold. Companies like Apple and Taco Bell favored flat design by shredding their graphics of the design elements that are not 100% purposed for the function of the product. Apple launched iOS7 in an extremely flat design. The 3-D gradients and graphics were stripped to provide more accessible experience to the users.

Creativity of “Experimental typography”
More and more fonts are being injected as a part of Experimental typography. These fonts are more stylish than the conventional san-serif or serif fonts. The fonts used by designer in logos and websites are adding uniqueness and personality to them. Being professional, they are artistic at the same time.

Adding life with “Scroll Activated Animations”
The interactivity in web designing is pacing to a higher level. Incredible content can be created with scroll activations engaging the audience with its interactivity. It adds life to your web content. With the scroll animations, audience can feel the digital world in a better way.

See More and Read Less with “Videos”
Writing long paragraphs about the company is now occupied with short videos. They are easy to produce and share on the social network as well as on your own website. Videos also appeal the contemporary attention that strives on being entertained. This makes videos a great way to communicate with audience efficiently.

“Mobile” is the new focus
In 2013, responsive web designing was another talk-of-the town! Websites were designed exclusively for mobile use and the same trend is followed in 2014. More focus is laid enabling various features like email subscriptions, social media integration, login, endless scrolling to make the websites more mobile friendly which most users are turning to.

Simpler Color Schemes
Instead of using eye-popping animation and graphic, designers are now opting for only one or two tones for a website. The newest trend is using a bright and clean background color and including images in black and white over it. It defines the subject simply yet appealingly.

Crispy Slide Out Menus
Slide out menus are an effective way to view content crisply without any distraction. Slide out menus can be switched from the side or top of the screen to display the content of the website in a continuous way without distracting a user’s browsing experience. It is a pleasant way to browse the website without any distraction.

Endless Scrolling
The websites now prefer to offer endless scrolling rather that giving links to be clicked to land on a specific piece of information. Unlike the traditional websites, they are not content- cluttered. The new designs follow the techniques that allow the content to be immaculately organized and arranged in a way that is fun to read and easy to comprehend. With the long scrolling sites offering engaging content, design and layout, it becomes easier to forget the length of the lengthy information about the entire website.

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