Steps to formulate a prioritized SEO plan of action

Steps to formulate a prioritized SEO plan of action

Identifying SEO flaws and proposing solutions is something that does not go down well with clients today. You should recommend clear and concrete action based plans to them based on their cost and results and then they will be likely to implement your recommendations. There are a few steps propose a concrete and prioritized SEO plan and they are:
1. The writing down of concrete actions
2. Prioritizing recommendations
3. Putting a finger on resources required
4. Cost estimating
5. Putting together pieces for final ranking.

Some basic information on what each step involves will help you propose a definite SEP action plan.

1. The writing down of concrete actionsseo plan: Most of the time you are so busy identifying the what’s and whys of SEO mistakes in websites that you forget the simple yet helpful how to correct the mistakes bit. If you tell the client what SEO errors you found and then also suggest to them a tool using which they can set right these issues then you have given them some concrete and helpful information to improve SEO content on their website.

2. Prioritizing recommendations: This is probably the most vital part of your action plan yet it is omitted most of the time. As valuable and easy to implement your actions and recommendations may be, if you pass on 20 something’s to do to the client, then he may be lost as to where to start. You should prioritize or list the recommendations in terms of importance and this list may help you in doing that.

a. Penalties– it is a general rule that penalties need to be fixed first. If the website in under any kind of penalty then any SEO fixes will not help much. Penalties can be of three kinds: Manual penalties, Algorithmic penalties and Potential penalties.
b. Confusing content– the pages that are most likely to be identified by search engines are those that make things clear about the questions being answered.

c. Pages that do not rank– some of the things that cause Google to miss pages or neglect them completely are broken links, seemingly duplicate or low quality content or incorrect redirects. Most site owners incorrectly assume that the problem is because of keyword targeting.

d. Some other technical issues– You should be sure the site is not being penalized, all pages are indexed and content is comprehensible and then you can look at other plausible causes.

3. Putting a finger on required resources– Action plans are much more effective to implement when all the required resources are included. The plan should clearly state all available resources, all needed resources and an understanding of how quickly the task will be completed by the resources.

4. Cost Estimation– usually SEO recommendations involve manual labor with in-house workers doing most of the work, which may be measurable more in terms of time.

5. Putting together everything– The complete and final SEO prioritization should take into consideration the above points as well as the goals and the culture of the company.

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