Modern method of search engine optimization

Modern method of search engine optimization

Using the right keywords

The practice of using the right keywords to achieve better ranking on any search engine has been the practice that was being followed till now. While this can be a great way to get the desired results, it might also leave certain important things out. This will curb the users from receiving all they need from their search. This method, which has been used traditionally for years involves ensuring that the website or a page that is being run contains all the words that the web users are likely to put in while searching for a specific article or information. Any website that has the closest keywords would appear on the top and receive better ranking on the search engine. While this method has been serving the purpose for a long time it might be time to switch to a newer and better approach.

The drawbacks of the traditional method

While using keywords to bring out a list of websites and pages that contain the necessary information the system might leave out certain links that are connected with emails and other such medium. This will be a huge disadvantage for the owners of the page, as they might lose out on the views they would have otherwise received. If the page owners go by a specific keyword, they will not be at a favourable position to serve the purpose of the other viewers who required related information. Now for example, if the viewers would want to know about a specific type of apparel, then when they look for it they will receive the specific website. By doing this, the owners may receive good traffic on their pages; however, they will have to do that much more work to secure other views. On the other hand, if they put in pages with all types of apparel on it and mention the specified apparel, then their scope to be ranked better will actually increase, making them move higher up in the chart.

The benefits of having the modern method

The search engines in the modern times are better equipped at identifying relevant information for a specific user and list out custom required threads that will be more beneficial to each of them. This is possible only when there is a broader search base that will allow for the retrieval of more information that is relevant and has a real connection with the typed in keyword.

How does this system work?seo

The system is the same as it is with the keyword search; however, it is much wider and has more scope for the websites with generic information on the specified area to be recognized better by the search engines. If a user needs to look at one article, then on the basis of his search and history, he is likely to receive the threads and links of all those sites that will necessarily aid him in the process, thus giving him better results and the page owners better rankings.

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