Wholesalebikerjewelry.com Redesigned and Up to Industry Standards


wholesalebikerjewelry.com had a website that was poorly designed using the old standards. The beautiful jewelry wasn’t getting the attention that each intricate piece deserved. The navigation was poor and simply; wasn’t designed according to industry standards. But Mak Digital Design changed all of that for this fascinating product line.

All of the jewelry data had to be migrated into a more user-friendly format. This would ensure the customer could examine the intricate details of all of the products.

Design, content and experience are the most important on any website. Designing your homepage is critical because the stakes are so high. Your homepage is often your first, and usually your last chance to attract and retain customers.


It would behoove website owners to treat their webpages like the front page of the New York Times, or some other major news outlet. We all know that most people don’t read most of the paper unless something jumps out at them!

The most important decision you can make for the design of your homepage is determining what content merits homepage coverage. Quickly followed by the general web design. Your homepage should be designed for usability. Your site should communicate the sites purpose. This site is ready for tablets and cell phones too. Your site should also work well on any platform or browser.


Look at wholesalebikerjewelry.com, notice how the company name and products are reasonable in size and it jumps out at you. This company’s website has a web presence. It uses customer focused language and wording customers love, “Save money$$$$” “Buy 10 pack and save money$$$”.

The website has an eye catching header, with the categories of all of its products displayed prominently under its logo.

The owner of this company is a wise businessman and astute entrepreneur in the global commerce economy. He gets how important it is to ensure his website has high standards, just as the merchandise he sells.

Mak Digital Design was pleased to work with this company.


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