Using Online Reviews to Your Advantage

Want to boost your SEO and customer appeal? Online review sites are key. For several reasons, online reviews are important and decisive in your rankings in search engines, as well as a customers final pick between you and a competitor.
Customers value reading positive online reviews about your business. They trust other shopper’s opinions as much as personal recommendations made to them. Positive reviews are also much more likely to garner the immediate attention of the customer, having them go to your website instead of searching for competing products.
Another important trait of online reviews that you as a business owner must keep close in mind, is that they influence your rating on search engine sites. Data shows that online reviews factor into about 10% of Google’s rankings.
If you need more reviews to make your products stand out from the crowd, suggestions include: putting a link on your product site to review sites, print out physical copies of methods to reviewing your products, as well as personally ask your customers to leave a review after using your products.
The bona fide rule to managing a good reputation is to not get overly upset when negative reviews come in. And if you’re doing things right, then they will. And that’s ok. Everyone gets negative reviews, the important thing is to handle them right. First of all, asking for the review site to take them down is an impossible uphill battle. Simply put, the review site will not honor your request to take it down. You must approach this situation responsibly, which is to treat it as constructive criticism. Think about the issues the customer is raising. Talk to your employees and see what can be done to not leave the customer feeling that way next time. Take a look at your products and view it from your customer’s perspective.
Your business can implement these strategies and outlooks on using online review sites to your advantage. With positive reputation on the internet, your business will thrive and attract more attention than your competitors.

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