Starting a Business From Home

With the progression of retail sales going from mostly brick and mortar, to largely online through E-Commerce businesses, the path to creating a home business has never been clearer. Gone are the days of renting out a location, filling up with tons of stock, and hiring employees. Now you can do the whole process from your kitchen table. Of course, depending on the business, there are positives and negatives to starting it all on your own at home. In almost all cases, the business owner is saving money, possibly enlisting the help of friends and family, and setting their own hours. The downsides are that a home business might need to take over large swathes of your house (inventory, computers, other equipment), and potentially be too big for your home, thus rendering the whole point of a home business obsolete.
However, with the right amount of ambition and drive, a new business can successfully be launched from home and be just as profitable as any other venture. There are a few different ways of going about that.

What is dropshipping? Google defines it as “move (goods) from the manufacturer directly to the retailer without going through the usual distribution channels.”. What this means is that a third party company takes care of the entire distribution process for your products. They are assembled, stocked, and then shipped by this company. That leaves only having an attractive E-Commerce site and marketing on the business’s hands. This method can save a business a ton of cost, however it requires a good relationship with a company to organize this process.

Skill Sells
Do you have a particular skill that is marketable? You don’t need to work directly for a company to capitalize on this skill. If there’s a need for it, someone is going to pay you for it. Things like website-design, woodworking, graphic design, lawn-care, tutoring, are all potential home businesses that are guaranteed to have a desire in your area.

Make Money off Your Audience
Surprisingly enough, one of the biggest new jobs is “Instagram Influencer”. These are people who have large followings on Instagram. It can be anything though, Instagram, Youtube, Facebook. As long as there are people watching, money is to be made. Social media content creators can make money by becoming affiliates for brands, who usually will reach out if your page is big enough. By sharing a product on their page, social media famous people can make tons of money. However, this particular path usually requires an already established social media following, as building a new one is quite difficult, although not impossible.

Handmade Products
One of the biggest internet markets is products made from people’s homes. These “DIY projects” (Do-it-yourself) can be extremely successful if they tap into the right appeal. Art projects, custom furniture, clothing, etc, can all be bought and sold on the internet. Potential business makers with a knack for creativity and working with their hands should look towards this option when creating their business. Products can be sold through either your own E-Commerce site or marketplaces such as Etsy, which is designed for creators to sell their creations.

These business types as well as many more can give you an idea into what path to take your home business. Creating a home business definitely isn’t for everyone, but for those who choose to go down that path, know that with some hard work it is definitely an achievable venture.

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