The Ultimate Guide to Promoting Your Brand on LinkedIn


A LinkedIn marketing strategy is just as vital as other digital marketing strategies, and chances are your LinkedIn marketing budget will be more affordable. You can network with similar brands, generate leads, and establish yourself and your brand as an industry leader. However, you can’t take advantage of LinkedIn with limited knowledge of LinkedIn marketing. Hence, this article will teach you everything you need to know about promoting your brand on LinkedIn.

Create a LinkedIn Business Page

If you don’t already have one, the first step is to create a LinkedIn business page for your brand. A LinkedIn page offers more benefits for businesses than a LinkedIn profile. A LinkedIn profile is a private channel for individual professionals requiring users to send connection requests to build relationships with other users. While a LinkedIn page is a public channel generally used by brands. Since anyone on LinkedIn can follow a business page, it removes the burden of verifying connection requests before people can join your network.

You can use your LinkedIn Profile to complement your LinkedIn Page; list your profile as an employee of your business and list your business page as your employer. Repost your LinkedIn business page on your LinkedIn profile to make your connections see and engage with your business page. This will help you grow your LinkedIn business page followers.

Optimize your LinkedIn page with relevant keywords to attract potential customers. Add keywords to your About tab, page summary, etc.

10 LinkedIn Tips To Grow Your Brand on LinkedIn

Grow Your Followers and Connections

Growing your business page followers can be difficult, but you can rely on your LinkedIn profile to make the process easier and faster. Seek potential customers and brands in your industry to join your network by sending them connection requests with your LinkedIn profile. Send a Thank You message to new connections and ask them to join your email list. Build a healthy relationship with your Connections by checking, engaging, and sharing your network updates regularly.

You can also export your Connections to a contact management system (CMS) to help create segmented marketing strategies.

Share Your LinkedIn Page on Your Social Media Accounts

Share your new or growing business LinkedIn page on your social media pages. You can periodically repost the LinkedIn posts on your business page on social media to drive traffic to your page. Tag your LinkedIn page in the bio sections of your social media accounts, and add a Page Follow button to your website.

Post Engaging Content Regularly

Write with confidence. Write like a professional writer with industry expertise. Since LinkedIn is one the most content-focus social media platforms, take advantage of that by posting high-quality content regularly and addressing industry topics using different approaches. SEO also matters on LinkedIn, so include relevant keywords and hashtags in your posts to target potential customers.

Write posts with varying lengths; short posts for followers to take a quick glance and get the point, and in-depth posts that make them linger on your page. Additionally, have a consistent brand voice, where your followers can immediately tell when they see your content. And follow a regular posting schedule; every day, once a week, or twice a month, as long as you keep to schedule.


Use Rich Media

Posts with images generate six times more engagement than posts with only text. Buttress your posts with high-quality visuals. You can source images on free platforms such as Canva, Unsplash, etc.

According to LinkedIn, these are the best practices for using rich media to increase engagement on your LinkedIn business page

  • Add three to four images per post to boost your content performance
  • Create one or two minutes videos periodically, and add subtitles
  • Live videos can generate up to 24x more comments
  • Share documents like PowerPoints and PDFs
  • Make employee appreciation posts adding their images

Join and Be Active in Groups

One of the fastest ways to grow your connections and followers is by joining popular groups on LinkedIn. Research popular groups that are about your industry and niche, and join at least two groups but not more than five groups. Stay active, engage the posts, and participate in ongoing discussions and events in each group. Engage a few people on a personal level by sending them direct messages, and you don’t have to be connected to do that. You can send up to 15 direct messages to fellow group members every month for free.

Create a LinkedIn Group

As a brand, you will benefit from creating a LinkedIn group, a community of your own to manage, communicate with, and rely on to grow your brand. Research industry topics that get people talking at all times, and find a topic most appealing to your target audience and create a group about it. Manage membership, be active and share insights and other marketing content on the group regularly. Create group posts, but avoid hard sells, or people will get tired and leave your group if you’re always trying to sell to them.

Remember to share your group on your social media pages and website.

Ask for Recommendations

Unlike LinkedIn Endorsements which are great for individuals because they allow friends or colleagues to approve a user’s skills, LinkedIn Recommendations are great for brands. LinkedIn Recommendations allow professionals to recommend a user for projects or jobs based on their experience with the user. Take advantage of the Recommendations section and ask your clients to share testimonials about your product, services, and brand in general.

LinkedIn Recommendations can help to attract new customers and grow your brand reputation.

Create a Campaign Manager Account;

If you want to run campaign ads on LinkedIn by yourself, you need to create a campaign manager account. You can run text ads, dynamic ads, message ads, create sponsored content, and manage everything; goals, budget, etc., from your campaign manager account.

Also, while free LinkedIn is not bad, your brand will enjoy more opportunities if you pay $239 or $575.88 per year (depending on the plan) to take advantage of premium LinkedIn.

Track Your Marketing Performance

Monitor your page performance against its results to determine what works and the inputs that need improvement. Use LinkedIn Page analytics, analytics for publishing on LinkedIn, and Content Marketing Score and Trending Content.LinkedIn


Like other types of digital marketing, LinkedIn marketing requires your commitment to generate desired results, so keep at it. One day, you will look back and be grateful you created your LinkedIn business page.

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