Microsoft Edge Has Come to Replace Internet Explorer On Windows 10

microsoft edge replaces internet explorer

Microsoft Edge Has Come to Replace Internet Explorer on Windows 10


Microsoft will be moving away from Internet Explorer (IE) support, you might have noticed this in 2020 following the announcement that Microsoft 365 online services won’t be supporting IE again. We will cover why Microsoft Edge has replaces Internet Explorer on Windows 10.


Proceeding into the next stage of that decision, Microsoft has announced that Microsoft Edge will replace Internet Explorer on Windows 10. The good thing is that Microsoft Edge offers a faster, more secure, modern browsing experience than Internet Explorer, as much as it addresses some important issues such as its compatibility, legacy websites, and applications. Microsoft Edge has the Internet Explorer feature that lets you access the Internet Explorer-based legacy websites and applications by simply using Microsoft Edge. So, by June 15, 2022, Microsoft will stop using the Internet Explorer 11 desktop application and it will not be supported on some versions of Windows 10. This is not something to fret about since Microsoft Edge has the capabilities to offer the same things like Internet Explorer and even more.


Please take note: in-market windows 10 LTSC or Server Internet Explorer 11 desktop applications will not be affected by Microsoft’s decision to withdraw support for Internet Explorer.


To get a better understanding of what’s to come with this announcement, and for any technical questions, check the FAQ.

edge replaces internet explorer 11

Microsoft Edge will take us into the future of the web with all it has to offer while still respecting the past of the web.


What are the reasons we think Microsoft Edge will be a good replacement for Internet Explorer, why do we think it can address our needs both at work and at home?

Reason 1 – Improved Compatibility

Microsoft Edge offers a dual-engine advantage that supports modern websites as well as legacy websites. Its inbuilt, Internet Explorer mode makes it the only browser with inbuilt compatibility for Internet Explorer-based legacy websites and applications, it also supports functions like ActiveX controls. Microsoft Edge is a chromium-based browser, this means you can be confident that it will deliver smooth and beautiful support to modern websites.

Reason 2 – Streamlined Productivity

Microsoft Edge’s dual-engine advantage makes it a compatible browser for “this site” and “that site”. It eradicates the frustration of having to find one browser that fits certain websites and finding another browser to access some other websites. Let’s say you want to stay in a modern browser, but a public website or your work app only works in Internet Explorer, then you can use Microsoft Edge since it covers both modern websites and the legacy IE-based websites.


You are going to enjoy a beautiful browsing experience with Microsoft Edge, especially considering the modern features it has over Internet Explorer. Are your opened tabs slowing your computer down? Then, simply use sleeping tabs to free up resources and optimize your browser’s delivery. And if you can’t read those tabs along the top of your browser, just move them to the side and make them more possible to read with vertical tabs. You can make your favorites more than just links by easily collecting and organizing the information you find on the web with collections. Instead of using one browser for work and another for personal use, you should maybe set up different profiles on your Microsoft Edge alone.

Reason 3 – Top-¬Level Browser Security

With about 50 million password attacks every day and 579 password attacks every second, you can bet that you need a browser that can deal with this challenge. Microsoft Edge provides the highest level of protection against phishing attacks and malware on Windows 10 with the Microsoft Defender Smartscreen. It also helps you monitor your password by scanning the dark web to detect if your private credentials have been compromised. Considering its connection with Microsoft 365 Security suite, Microsoft Edge even offers better security for organizations – it offers more security for businesses with Windows 10 than chrome.


Note that, Microsoft Edge has a more agile system for responding to security vulnerabilities, this is an important feature in today’s more advanced security scenery. Internet Explorer only releases its packaged security monthly, but Microsoft Edge can issue new security patches as soon as it notices any security vulnerabilities within days, and sometimes hours.


Microsoft Edge has come to replace Internet Explorer as your trusted web browser. Internet Explorer might have been your go-to browser over the years, but the improved compatibility, streamlined productivity, and top-level security Microsoft Edge has to offer are not things that you can ignore.

How Does It Impact You?

If you have been using Internet Explorer for personal use at home, we recommend a switch to Microsoft Edge before June 15, 2022, so you can start enjoying a more modern, faster, and secured web experience. You probably already have it on your device, search for ” Microsoft Edge” with the windows 10 search box or look for the Microsoft Edge icon, If not download it here. The transition from IE to Microsoft Edge will be made seamless for you, it will be easy to move your passwords, favorites, and other browsing data from Internet Explorer.


If you are an organization that uses Internet Explorer, you might have built up several sets of large legacy Internet Explorer-based websites and applications over the years. On average, enterprises have 1,678 legacy apps. With the Microsoft Edge browser IE mode, you will be able to extend the life of your legacy Internet Explorer-based websites and apps after the Internet Explorer 11 desktop application is retired. The Microsoft Edge Internet Explorer mode will be supported up into 2029 at least.


Follow these three steps to set up your Microsoft Edge with internet explorer mode in preparing your organization for June 15, 2022.


  1. Visit the Internet Explorer mode website to get more information. With the Forrester Consulting Total Economic Impact™, you can get a cost-benefit analysis of Microsoft Edge and IE mode specifically designed for your organization, and access the Getting Started guide.


  1. Read the Getting Started guide to find helpful checklists, tutorial videos, and links to no-cost support like FastTrack and App Assure for help with deployment and website and application compatibility.


  1. Reuse the Enterprise Mode Site List from your Internet Explorer browser if you have one already. When you reuse the Enterprise Mode Site List, then you are almost done with setting up the IE mode on your Microsoft Edge browser. In case you don’t have one, you can create it with this Configure IE mode tool.

microsoft edge

If you are a web developer, and you work on modern websites or apps, then you would have been expecting this change for a long time. It keeps getting more difficult for Internet Explorer to support modern browsers side-by-side. Now that this change is coming, enterprises and consumers can limit their use of Internet Explorer to just those legacy sites that strictly need it. We recommend that you start planning your switch from Internet Explorer to reduce the support, and eventually end IE support based on your customer’s needs. Microsoft Edge’s built-in support makes it easy to move users, retain history, tabs, signed-in state, passwords, and all other settings so your customers can enjoy an uninterrupted experience with your site.


Send a note to ([email protected]) so your IE site can be included in their list which will help this transition experience.


Find out more information about how to help your IE users switch smoothly.


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