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About Mozu
Mozu- the commerce enterprise of Volusion Inc. announced the release of a range of software development kits (SKDs) for mobile devices; including Android and iOS. These SKDs will allow the developers to create fully compatible mobile shopping experiences for any device.

“Mobile Commerce usually serves as an important channel for an engaging customer experience and higher sales. These SKDs from Mozu will allow their clients to develop exclusive mobile shopping experiences and utilize the growing power of mobile”, Clay Oliver- director of Volusion Inc. stated. By providing developers the sovereignty to develop exclusive mobile shopping experiences, Mozu is empowering its clients to establish more meaningful customer relationships that ever before”. Mobile Commerce has observed skyrocketing growth and due to this hype, the e-commerce retailers not only require a solution that not only offers responsive mobile friendly website; but the ability to create customized native mobile friendly shopping experience are also intricately connected. Mozu now offers its clients the opportunity to imbibe and utilize both and this has been made possible through the platform’s best-in-class API.

Jason Wallis- Chief Technology Officer, Volusion Inc. states, “Responsive design is vital, it cannot spin the wheel for enterprise brands in today’s mobile world. The need of the hour is to create native mobile experiences with a freedom and flexibility to inter operate all the aspects of the commerce ecosystem, regardless of the channel. With the launch of Mozu, the e-commerce retailers can enjoy strong mobile support and strong platform extent. The possibilities are now truly limitless”. Mozu’s services are not only restricted to mobile SKDs, it also offers highly spontaneous SKDs for Javascript, PHP, Java and .NET. With these kits, clients get an access to the complete functionality of Mozu REST API. Unlike other platforms, Mozu offers the source code for each SDK and this enables the users to explore the functionality with enhanced customization. Each of the SKDs can be downloaded fro the official website of Mozu (remember- these features are available only to the clients of Mozu). Mozu is scheduled to release a refurbished Development Center in the coming months. This development center will increase Mozu’s interaction and involvement in the developer community.

Mozu is an e-commerce platform brought to you by Volusion Inc. and is specially customized for today’s omni- channel marketplace. It is built to meet the demands of modern consumers and is designed with an API first architecture. Retailers can manage their commerce, customer experience and content across any platform – any channel around the world. Mozu truly provides limitless commerce to the evolving business. Mozu can be easily integrated into the existing systems and custom functionality and widgets are available to deliver an extended user experience. Customers can be reached across any channel irrespective of the platform. Tailored solutions are also available to ensure dependable business functions including infrastructure support, risk management, disaster recovery and customer service agreements. For the creative side; mobile friendly, responsive and custom themes are available to implement an engaging and beautiful website. Competitive business research and business assessments help the clients in implementing great commerce strategy.

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