Exciting New Store Launch | BYourBed.com

Recently, Mak Digital Design has launched a new project: BYourBed.com. We have been very excited about launching this new store. Take a look at the webpage, and see what all the new buzz is about!


Design and Content

BYourBed.com has a very modern and creative layout design. It features pictures of products on the home page, as well as best selling products and some background information on what the store is about. This is an eye-appealing and well organized design.  Each item has an original product code, pictures, and a unique description pertaining to that specific item. This design is an easy set up and will maximize product sales. All the products are available, a click away, at the top of the webpage.


Wonderful Features


It is very easy to navigate through this store because of some of the features included. Each of the products are categorized. You can select from different products, then select from different variables, then you can select size! This allows the customer to quickly find exactly what they are looking for. Another awesome feature this website has is recommended products. This can help increase sales by making different products appeal to the customer’s needs. While viewing a product, you may have noticed you can write a review about each item. Customer reviews are wonderful. They can help you improve your store and/or help boost sales! Customers voicing their honest opinion can create a trust between your store and your customers.


Mak Digital Design was pleased to work with this company. We are excited to be launching this new store. Comments or questions? Comment below!

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