Magento Platform Releases New Site Management Tools


Magento platform’s new release Magento Enterprise 1.11, Community 1.6 and Magento Professional 1.11 address two major priorities for merchants- increasing revenue and site management. Magento is offering a number of tools to the merchants that help them manage their online business with better and improved data management tools. It also empowers them with greater capability to efficiently control all aspects of an order and product management. Since its inception, Magento tries to develop features that improve the user experience and increase the conversion rates for the merchants. This latest release also has some added features that make it easier for the consumers to manage their orders and shop them easily.

Here are some features of this latest release of Magento:

Persistent shopping
With this feature, customers will be able to initiate their shopping and maintain the items of their interest in their wish list, shopping cart and the recently compared items between the browsing sessions and device to device. It uses a long term cookie developed for device/ browser combinations. Merchants can also easily increase the customer satisfaction and tailor promotions and offers for higher order value. This also helps them in devising greater customer segmentation capabilities to target the right audience.

Configurable order tracking widget
This feature enables the customers to track the status of their returns and existing orders without even logging into their respective accounts.

Scheduled export/ import
With this feature merchants can export or import product catalog data either from remote FTP servers or locally. Merchants can easily configure for status reporting, error handling and backup of data.

Return Merchandise Authorization
It facilitates the merchants with administrative capabilities that support customer and merchant administration of individual item returns, multiple shipping methods, partial order and returns, customer notifications and much more. Now managing the partial orders becomes much easier with this functionality.

Promotion and price permission
This functionality enables the merchants to create and control numerous admin roles for editing and reviewing the promotions and prices.

Shipping integration with label printing
It supports all major carriers. Creating and printing labels for new and existing shipments is easier and multiple labels can be printed for selected orders and shipments.

Minimum advertised price
This feature enables the merchants to provide their customers with special sales pricing/ promotional offers while sticking on to the pricing rules set by manufacturers. Merchants can choose when and how to display special pricing for products (only in shopping cart) prior to the order confirmation or on the catalog level.

Refactoring multiple databases
This toll sets the developers at ease by allowing them to extend module development to different databases by using RDBMS in a specific set routine; developers can eve improve the maintainability of the code, reduce code and logical duplication, and make it easier to add new features or change them.

Special Brazilian Support
Magento has also included certain improvements for the Brazilian market for Magento Professional, Magento Enterprise and Magento Community (including the earlier versions of Magento Community; i.e. – versions 1.3, 1.4 and 1.5). The Magento Platform incorporates the PayPal website standards with a support for the Brazilian currency and government’s tax id requirements.

The latest platform of Magento also includes interface improvements for PayPal’s Order Payment Action. Here is a list of such improvements:
• Magento Order creation updates
• Additional features for express checkouts
• Magento invoice creation updates.

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