How to Master Facebook’s Latest Changes

Facebook’s latest algorithm update completely changes the way for your small business to reach its audience. The update sees a decrease in advertisements on the news feed, which is now more much more oriented to show content from friends. The advertisements with more comments and likes will be the ones showing up higher on the feed. This means that businesses need to create much more captivating ad campaigns.


Examples include using pictures of people using your product, to spark conversation. Simply put, show things that people want to talk about. Host community events, contests, and more, that will give your business much more outreach.

Rule number two is spend more money. It seems counter-intuitive to have to spend more when there is less advertising on Facebook’s news feed, but it is still the best way to get your brand out there since Facebook released  the update. Use Facebook Ad Manager to your advantage, and target your specific audience. Doing these things right will ensure the chances of a business getting its name out there.

Go Live. Live streaming is “in” right now. Include this new marketing tactic into your campaign and watch your viewership increase. Broadcast the people and work behind your business, new product releases, up and coming changes, contests, and more. This new tool as a part of Facebook is getting preferential treatment. That means by using Facebook Live, your business will climb the news-feed into the eyes of your audience.

Be a part of your community. Create a Facebook group and talk to your customers 1 on 1. Invite your businesses followers and start conversations, such as what is to like and dislike. Ask for recommendations, constructive criticism, and ideas for contests/events. Create conversations with your community that leaves a lasting impression.

This new algorithm will probably be a let down to most businesses because of the decreased advertising space. However, following the aforementioned tips and tricks can help you master Facebook’s latest update and let small businesses be ahead of the curve when it comes to engaging their audience and attracting attention.


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