Got a great product? Now what? How to market your eCommerce products!

You’ve got a eCommerce business with a great product and now you’re ready to implement the marketing, right? Think again. Before you pull the trigger on a major campaign, many advise to sell more like a door-to-door salesman at first. This will allow a handful of of customers to try it out. It will also give you some time to fix any problems and concerns. Then, slowly expand your reach.

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Consultants say that you can create a high demand without the production supply at first. This may even allow you to charge more money for your product. Even major companies like Apple create demand. When new products come out, you will see mile-long lines of customers wanting to be ‘the first’ to get their hands on one before they sell out. And don’t you notice that those who DO end up getting one not only feels special but end up advertising the product for you by raving about it to their friends.

There are challenges to creating demand on a low budget because you have to be your own media outlet. Follow some of these tools and tips for eCommerce product marketing:

1) Provide valuable information to the correct target audience. You don’t have to re-invent the wheel here. Just be entertaining, memorable, useful and most importantly, relatable. Show how costumers can put this product to use in their own lives.

2) Create natural conversation and encourage your customers to share the ‘valuable information’ with their friends and family.

3) Make sure your key points can be short and sweet. Social media is all about getting information fast so if you can’t convey your message in more than a sentence or two, forget about it. You have already lost your audience.

4) Build an email list. A loyal audience is key. An e-mail goes directly to a particular person whereas social media can become too instant. Ever notice when you post something on social media and two seconds later, it’s all the way at the bottom of your feed? Who really saw your information?

5) Spend more time promoting your content than creating it. Sure it’s great to be unique but a lot of unique great ideas aren’t successful. The rule is: spend 20% of your time creating content, 80% promoting it.

6) Mix up the way you are promoting your product. Use words, videos, podcasts, photos, bloggers, animation, etc. to switch up how you are ‘selling’ it.

As a reminder, with a loyal audience and fan base to start your company, now you have a team of people behind you that believes in you and believes in the product. That is a great start in launching a business.

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