eCommerce trends for 2015

How will 2015 eCommerce trends affect your business? Well, there’s a lot in store for you.

Bottom line: more people are changing the way they shop. It went from brick and mortar, to online shopping, and now mobile! Believe it or not, the small screen of your smartphone is not stopping shoppers from buying products because mobile shoppers are on the rise. Thus, online stores are already making a shift towards mobile optimized shopping!

Another digital advance that is here to stay and grow in 2015 is touch-screen POS platforms. Shopify and Shopkeep are already doing it.

And don’t forget about ‘wearables’. Google Glass, no matter how silly some people think it looks, is already on fire! And Apple’s iWatch comes out this year! So if you thought holding a smart phone was ever a pain, now your problems have been solved. You’ll be able to purchase items with a blink of an eye!

Can you imagine signals being sent to your iWatch depending on where you are and sending you an alert? Beep beep, there’s a sale going on at Gap right around the corner from where you are, here’s a coupon! Wow!

Two more trends that will continue to rise is ability to customize your searches and fast shipping. I mean, real real real fast shipping! First, customization is a big deal for people and businesses to get to what they want, fast and easy. If someone is looking for a blender, they don’t want to be looking through toasters to get to the blender. And, if for some reason you decide to wander off to another website, you will surely see a banner ad with an image of the blender you just looked at seconds before! Second, fast shipping! Did you know Google and Amazon already offer same day shipping? If you order early enough in the day, it could arrive at your doorstep just hours later. Once more and more online retailers offer this type of speedy service, you can kiss brick and mortars a final goodbye!

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