Top 5 Content Marketing Ideas for August 2021

content marketing ideas august 2021

5 Top Content Marketing Ideas for August 2021


We are in the second half of the year, and everything you do now matters if you want to achieve your eCommerce goals for the year. Since we’re already in July, you should be curating your August content plan at this point. Typically, there are several topics eCommerce retailers can choose from to develop content; presidential jokes, back-to-school content, MTV’s 40th birthday, informative ebooks, and lots more. However, we know that it can be tough deciding which topics to develop and publish to get the best results. To help you with that, we are giving you five content marketing ideas to use in August.

MTV Turns 40 on August 1

MTV launched on August 1, 1981, so it will be turning 40 this year, and we can all agree that MTV revolutionized music. To benefit from this milestone, create content around MTV, building on the nostalgia of the launch, to drive traffic to your eCommerce business this August. If you’re in the music industry one way or another, it will be easy for you to create several content pieces around MTV. But if you’re not in the music industry, this may be more difficult for you.


Not to worry, there are still interesting approaches you can use to tap from the MTV nostalgia by relating music, music video, or MTV history, launch, impact to your business. For example, as a marketing company, you can create content such as; marketing hacks you can learn from MTV. If you’re in the fashion industry, you can create content such as; top 10 MTV fashion picks from the 80s.


The key takeaway from this is to find at least one way to relate your business to MTV and create interesting content pieces on that.

Presidential Joke Day on August 11

Former president Ronald Reagan accidentally started the presidential joke day on August 11, 1984, when he cracked a joke during the microphone check session before giving a speech.


My fellow Americans. I’m pleased to tell you today that I’ve signed legislation that will outlaw Russia forever. We begin bombing in five minutes.


Although the joke wasn’t broadcast then, a recording of it leaked later, and we’ve been celebrating August 11 as the national presidential joke day since then.


August 11 is a day to throw hilarious jabs at the president. Start preparing your funny content from now, make sure to do your research so that your jokes will be relatable. You can use your original jokes, jokes from past presidents, or you can ask your staff to make a video telling their favorite presidential joke even.


You have options, don’t limit yourself, but make sure you match your user base’s taste and don’t use jokes that may affect your brand negatively.

Back-to-School Shopping Guides

The National Retail Federation (NRF) surveyed off-to-college and back-to-school shoppers concerning the next academic year, which is this fall. The survey shows that 64% of the participants expect schools to open for in-person teaching and engagements this fall. And 26% of the participants have already started checking online for back-to-school items. As a result, we believe that consumer behavior may support back-to-school retail from August.


Of course, it will be wise to start infusing back-to-school marketing in email newsletters and ads, but you should also do the same with your content: blog section and web content. Create shopping guides on back-to-school items for all age groups, from elementary to college, including parents.


Remember that focusing on a niche is a top eCommerce strategy we recommend so, make sure you do that here. When creating the shopping guides, consider your industry and create content that matches your niche. For example, if you’re selling home decor items, you can write shopping guides on decor items that should be in every children’s class, home decor items every college student should have, etc.

The Ultimate Ebook

One of the strategies you can use to generate traffic, leads, and sales, is by creating educational ebooks to teach your user base how to get the best results from concepts that matter to them. Top eCommerce brands create ebooks all the time, and you too can do that this August.


Depending on your niche, find a topic that matters to your user base and create an ebook on effective better-than-anything-else ways to achieve the best results on the said topic. For example, BigCommerce writes ebooks on topics such as; how to take your B2B brand direct-to-consumer and on guides such as; transition from selling B2B to selling directly to consumers with this step-by-step guide.


Pay attention to your user base’s concerns and provide the best effective solutions given your expertise on the subjects, then put your knowledge in an ebook. Let’s say you’re selling men’s wristwatches; your customers may be interested in knowing the differences between fake wristwatches and original wristwatches. With this, you can create an ultimate detailed guide such as; 10 best ways to tell if a classic wristwatch is fake or original. You can use the ebook to collect emails for your newsletters. After that, you can create multiple articles based on the ebook to publish over time.

Go International

The world is more global than ever before, thanks to the internet. You see where we are going with this? No? Okay. It doesn’t matter where you are in the world or where most of your customers are; you can create international content that appeals to audiences from other parts of the world. This August, make it your goal to publish at least two international content pieces.


How can you do that? Of course, your niche will determine the type of content you create, so keep that in mind. For example, if you run a marketing eCommerce business, you can create content on the top 20 TikTok influencers in 2021 and list top TikTokers from different countries. Another example; if you sell cameras, camera equipment, and accessories, you can create content such as; 10 best street photographers from all over the world. That way, you will have audiences from other regions visiting your website.

Over To You

Preparation allows you to make the most use of opportunities when you get the chance, so get to work! If you enjoyed the read, check out our other blogs.

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