Quick-start Guide to Boosting Sales and Getting Returning Customers

No matter what you’re selling, the common goal of all businesses is to get customers buying, spending more, and coming back. With an ecommerce business, the steps taken to achieve this goal are quite different from the old school ‘touch and grab’ appeal of brick and mortar stores. While those allow you to try products on and get a feel for them, customers of online businesses can unsurprisingly be wary of your business and play it safe in their first order.

For that reason, every ecommerce website should take steps in assuring your customers that by choosing you, they are making the right decision, and it keeps them coming back and spending more. Here are some basic measures your business can take to achieve that:

Outstanding Customer Service

Hate dealing with companies that take forever to respond to complaints? So do your customers. Ecommerce sites should have a speedy line of communication with their shoppers to ensure customer satisfaction. Make sure to listen carefully and see everything from their point of view. Make sure to have free returns for optimal Service.

Customer Trust is Crucial to Boosting Sales

Offer Incentives-

Make your customers feel special. If they feel like they are the ‘winners’ in the transaction, they will surely come back for more. Potential ideas for sweetening the deal are things like free shipping, small bonus items, or store credit for the next time they purchase.

Stand Out From The Crowd-

Prove to the audience that your store is the place to be, instead of competitors. How do the product differ from other sites? Emphasize the value in what you are selling. There are tons of ways to give customers an outlook on your products as being of higher value than competitors besides the price- locally made maybe, or supporting a trusted charity, or even play up the craftsmanship and creativity behind it.

Big Purchases Means Believing in your Business-

So your customer has come to your website, found some products they like, added to cart, and are ready to checkout. The difference between them rethinking their decision and canceling out, vs going through the purchase is the confidence they place in your business. Talk to your customers, know their interests inside and out, share personal stories, and build off of criticism. Offer trials and samples, show customers the inner-workings of the business, and more.

By following the above strategies as well as some creative thinking revolving around the products and image of your brand, you can create a stress-free purchasing environment, that will keep the customers coming back for more.

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