5 Fixes For Broken Digital Marketing Engagement

digital marketing engagement broken

Nowadays, many businesses run at least one account on popular social media platforms such as Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram, to post content regularly and engage with consumers.  But they barely get a reasonable amount of likes and digital marketing engagements on the content they post. So we have to ask, what type of content will appeal to consumers on social media and generate the right proportion of engagement?


Poor engagement on social media is one of the major challenges B2B marketers face. Social media engagement for brands is not about increasing your impression rates or getting consumers to see your content, only to scroll past without actually interacting with it. Instead, you have to create content that generates likes, favorites, comments, and direct messages from your target audience when they see your social media content.


Social media plays an active role in generating leads and creating brand awareness for businesses because of the real-time effect of social media. With over 4 billion social media users in the world, brands may find it hard to be unique and seen on social media platforms. Even a big brand like New York Times, which has almost 50 million followers on Twitter, receives an average of a hundred likes on its Twitter posts.

Why Is Engagement So Important?

We are in the internet age, where social media has become more popular in the last few years. As of now, about 88% of consumers search for products online before making a purchase,  and the rate keeps increasing. As a result, brands with high engagements on their social media accounts are more likely to record high conversion rates.

How Do You Make Your Business Social Media Account Engaging For Consumers?

Follow these simple steps to create content that will generate high traffic for you in no time.

Interact With Consumers Online

Social media users value the interaction they get from brands on social media. A simple like or comment from the brand on a consumer’s social media account will make that consumer feel seen and recognized by the brand. As a brand, make a habit of interacting with your target audience on social media platforms; for example, you can retweet their tweets on Twitter. Make brand and consumer interactions a priority.


A brand can even change a consumer’s negative opinion by simply replying to the consumer’s negative comments. Consumers tend to feel more positive about brands that engage them, and they reward such brands by supporting them. Their support does not stop at buying the brand’s products because they will also promote your brand through referrals.

Interact With Other Businesses Online

Learn to engage other businesses to build a connection with them on social media. Consumers pay attention to brands that interact with other brands on social media, and the social currency rubs on the brands. Not to mention that you will also be building good relationships with brands in your industry.


Brands can start with simple comments or likes on other brands’ posts or even engage in a series of fun conversations online. Twitter fast food banters are an example of the B2B interactions we recommend. Brand interactions will create a positive picture of the brands in the minds of consumers and trigger consumers’ interest in the brands.

Create Your Unique Brand Voice

Your brand voice or tone is your style of communicating. Create a brand tone designed to set you aside from your competition. Your brand voice will position your brand the way you want, as it shows your brand’s personality that resonates with your target audience.


Also, having a brand voice personifies your brand. Having a brand voice is necessary because consumers want to interact with humans, not mere entities. Consumers will be more interested in engaging your social media content if you take the right brand tone. We can look at Netflix’s brand voice and see how it boosts its marketing attempts. Another example of a well-known brand voice is Coca cola’s brand voice. It is friendly, realistic, positive, and it always depicts a positive and happy life.

Learn About How Social Media Algorithm Works

Understanding social media algorithms can help brands manage their social media marketing better. The algorithms will show you how your content performs and which content reaches users’ social media accounts. It also shows when the content reaches the pages of social media users and how often users see the content.


For example, Facebook video ads generate up to 20 to 30% more leads than image ads on the platform. Having this knowledge makes it easy for brands to know how to invest funds in their marketing approach. You can see why many brands’ marketing teams are trying to level up on Search Engine Optimisation (SEO). To understand how you can improve your brand’s search ranking organically, take a look at our tips on the effective SEO practices.

Create Engaging Content On Your Social Media Platforms

The contents you upload or post on your social media platforms should be engaging and easy to engage. Engagement on social media doesn’t have to be likes, shares, and retweets in your posts. You can interact with your customers in many other fun ways. For example, you can interact with consumers by creating engaging questionnaires on Instagram or create interactive and fun voting polls on Twitter. You can also create Facebook surveys and posts and ask social media users to comment.


All these and other fun and interactive posts will get consumers more familiar and interested in your brand. As you gain active participants on your posts, they become more engaged in your brand, and their interest turns to desire. Eventually, interactions will turn to conversions when they become more willing to support your business.


Brands need to build direct and personal relationships with their target audiences and customers online in today’s world. Businesses are using their social media accounts to drive traffic, gain customers, and retain them. Social media marketing is one of the most powerful marketing channels available to brands. All it takes is creating the right content to generate conversions that should ultimately result in leads.

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