Blake Lively launches her own eCommerce business


More and more actresses are focusing on launching eCommerce businesses than their acting careers. Add Blake Lively to the list that Jessica Alba and Gwyneth Paltrow are on!

She just opened where you can buy food, clothing, and home goods. She also ties her business with a good cause. Proceeds benefit Covenant House. She’s been getting a lot of slack about the items listed on her site, the overpriced cost of products like sale, and her bizarre introduction letter. However, we do like the site itself. We like how the ‘shop’ section is uniform and clean and how each product features the artisan. The font size could be enlarged where there’s a dark background. After a few minutes of browsing and shopping, it gets hard on the eyes. Either way, anyone brave enough to venture off and take a risk deserves an applause for ‘going for it’. It’s success or failure is yet to be determined. Preserveuswebsite

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