5 Tips for Choosing a Reliable and Efficient Dropshipper.

thDrop shipping is a great and secure way to safely sell your products. You lose the risk and don’t lose so much money. Dropshipping is popular among new store owners or for test product launches.
What this means, is that the seller doesn’t actually ship the item to the buyer, but they instead send the buyer’s order to the manufacturer of the product, who then proceeds to ship it to the buyer directly.

The hard part about starting a business relying on drop shipping is finding a reliable drop shipper for you to use.
Some may not be as good as others, and this can affect how well you do, and whether or not you gain your customers approval. Here is a list of some steps you can take when choosing what drop shipper you would like to use to ship your products.

1. Start from the source – The Manufacturer
You can ask the manufacturer of the products you want to sell in your store if they do drop shipping. This is the easiest and most reliable way to go, but not all manufacturers do this, and not all will give you the price you want for this, although the manufacturer usually offers good prices.

2. Make sure the drop shipper you have chosen is good enough
A good way to make sure your drop shipper is good enough for you, and your customers, is by testing them. One way to do this is buy ordering products from them and seeing how they package and ship the item. For sellers who have their stores in shops like Ebay or Amazon, you will want to have your dropshipper be able to ship the item within the time required or you can get negative marks on your account.

3. Find out if you are getting the best price from the drop shipper
If you are planning on using drop shipping you need to make sure that the product cost is reasonable enough, at wholesale prices. You need to have margins that work – many suppliers will sell at retail prices when this is not what a seller needs.

4. Find a good way to handle returns
When you sell a product issues will arise at some point. People will want returns, or they will have a problem with the shipping, such as a lost package. Since all the shipping goes through the drop shipper you need to talk to your drop shipper on a good way to go about handling these issues, even before you start selling the products. The shipping must be of good quality or your customers will not trust your company and will not continue to buy from it.

5. Use a drop shipper who uses technology
You need a drop shipper who is up to date to with technology. The better they are with technology then the easier this whole process will be on you and your buyers. If your drop shipper doesn’t use the technology required to make your customers happy with their shipment, then it isn’t a drop shipper worth staying with. Drop shippers who try to take care of all issues themselves can create problems, so the best is to have everything automated by a computer.

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