5 Brands That Did Great on Their 4th of July Marketing

This Saturday is the Fourth of July. As part of the celebration many American businesses have made changes to their websites as well as posted on social media
congratulating American independence as well as showing what they have to offer to make this a great Independence Day.
The following 5 companies have done a great job with their Fourth of July marketing.

uber_fourthofjuly_graphics_600x300_final1. Uber
Uber has chosen to do the same as it has last year by offering helicopter rides from New York City to the Hamptons by partnering up with Blade, just instead of last years $3000 flight it has been changed to $2500.

2. Brit + Co
brit-co-fourth-julyBrit & Co’s ad shows some common Independence day themes. This includes going to the beach, drinking, parties, and more. The ad looks really great as well as the products it features.

3. Lowes

Lowes kept their Fourth of July ad short and simple. The ad features different tool parts in a pattern that resembles the explosion of a firework. The short video that was posted by Lowes on vine is really impressive, and the text underneath it reads, “Happy 4th of July”, not referencing any products or even a link to their website which is different from most ads, who are link heavy and encourage people to buy their products. This really is a nice way to go.

4. Michael Kors

Michael Kors Fourth of July advertisement was great. The company posted a picture of some its products as well as hinting at The Fourth Of July through some hamburgers with flags in them. The picture is great, it shows some great products you can buy as well as just a beautiful photo overall.

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Happy 4th of July.

Posted by Zappos.com on Thursday, July 4, 2013

Zappos posted to facebook this simple picture showing Red, White, and Blue sneakers, along with the caption, “Happy Fourth Of July”. The post is pretty neat and a nice way for this company to celebrate Independence day.

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