4 Old-School Methods That Hit Your SEO Target


4 Old-School Methods That Hit Your SEO Target

The recent updates of Google’s ranking algorithms have triggered uncertainty and doubts among the webmasters. Are there still some tactics that can be used to create backlinks? Yes, off-course! But a few methods are shuffled to the “not-to-do list”. Here are some old-school methods that still work, but only if executed right:

1. Directories
Do’s– Try to find out the directory that can bring more targeted customers for your website. Grab the backlinks of only trusted and authentic directories and for this submit your websites only to high-quality trusted directories. Authoritative directories of your niche which ensure strict guidelines to be followed are the best directories for your website.
Don’ts– Choose the right directory. Bulk submitting your website to the directories that accept any quality and quantity of websites will not pay in long run nor do they earn any rankings for your website.

2. Forum Backlinks
Do’s– A high quality forum associated to your particular niche may help you improve search engine rankings. The relevance, authenticity and quality of forums cannot be outscored while creating backlinks from Forums.
Don’ts– Strictly avoid automatically created forum backlinks. They cannot confirm you good rankings; instead they assure Google penalty against you. The keyword rich links of automatically created forum accounts that point to the user’s website do not work anymore. Such tools and services are an old-terminology of the SEO market now.

3. Link pages
Do’s– Select only those pages that contain links to closely related websites. If in a food discussion blog, you are trying to sell your door repairing material- you are only confusing users rather than converting them. Highly themed link pages are unbeatable to bring in the targeted traffic.
Don’ts– Link pages that contain links to every second website of the world won’t do any good to your website for sure. Quality pays in long run and moreover it also keeps your credibility intact.

4: Guest blogging
Do’s– Write only for the blogs that are closely related to your business. Randomly posting content on any blog is a little less than being useless. Your guest blog post will work only if offers valuable and engaging information to the users. Your site’s performance can be boosted with individual articles on relevant blogs.
Don’ts– Don’t use same articles on several blogs. If your articles contain keyword rich links, they may even trigger Google penalty. Moreover, if you are guest blogging just to get more links, try to avoid it. The rule of thumb is- “If your content is captivating, it will automatically engage and attract audience”.

It is quite predictable- Google has evolved measures to kill spamming. Thus, spamming doesn’t work anymore. Building real and authentic backlinks has prominently gained importance.

While some old SEO tactics still work, the technology has taken a stride further. More and more tools have been discovered making the SEO process more complex and intricate. Specific attention and guidance is needed to intensify the search engine rankings commendably.

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