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Apparel Accessories | Launched 01/07/21

Avco Key and Novelty is a wholesale distributor, manufacturer and importer of key chains, key accessories and key blanks. supplies retail hardware stores, locksmith shops and other key-making establishments with the best selling and most profitable selection of items available.

Avco Key and Novelty hired MAKDigital to perform a complete overhaul of their site along with a migration from Volusion to BigCommerce. has been on an old, outdated platform for many years and decided it was time for a switch, and after much research had zeroed in on BigCommerce.


MAK performed a full design and development of the new site. The end result is a much more streamlined shopping experience that brings the brand into the cutting edge of eCommerce technology and best practices. is based in Long Island, NY. Every item they sell is stocked and manufactured by Most items are shipped the same day from their facility in New York.

MAKDigital and developed an online store for Keyring that was more modern and more brand-focused. Their original homepage was heavy on text and less appealing; they needed an updated design to bring them up to speed in an era where online shoppers are seeking a visually stimulating, more valuable shopping experience. The completed website provided the information their customers needed to make an informed purchase decision while still affording a pleasant shopping experience. The overall design that we created gave their website a more trustworthy and credible feel, while optimizing the user experience. For Keyring's product page, we designed a process that helps to lead prospective buyers along the purchase funnel and towards the custom products they desire. The product page was built with multiple custom templates, allowing the store owner to configure different types of customizations for different products. The custom product feature allows KeyRing to configure the product page with multiple steps for the customer to follow throughout the product customization process.

We also built custom quantity discount logic to allow the customer to quickly see how quantity discount will reflect their purchase price. One of the features of the custom product page also allows customer to easily see all the selections they are making while customizing their product. we also developed a custom sidebar cart and integrated it into the design of their website. In addition, we developed a responsive design for VitaRX to enhance the experience of their mobile shoppers and to ensure a cohesive, uninterrupted experience across all devices.

Key Ring Home, Category and Product page templates.

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  • Home Page
  • Category Page
  • Product Page

Redesign decided to redesign their new BigCommerce website design by MAKDigital due to several reasons. Firstly, their previous website was outdated and not user-friendly, which led to a decrease in traffic and sales. Secondly, the website lacked optimization for mobile devices, which resulted in a poor user experience for customers who accessed the site on their smartphones or tablets. Finally, the website lacked a clear structure and organization, making it difficult for customers to find the products they were looking for.

MAKDigital addressed these issues by implementing several improvements to the website. We created a modern, responsive design that is optimized for mobile devices, ensuring that customers can easily browse and purchase products from their smartphones or tablets. We also restructured the website's navigation, making it more intuitive and organized, so that customers can easily find the products they need. Additionally, we implemented a new shopping cart system, which streamlines the checkout process and helps to reduce cart abandonment rates. Overall, these improvements will help to alleviate's eCommerce troubles by providing customers with a more user-friendly and enjoyable shopping experience, ultimately leading to increased traffic and sales.


Custom Features & Functionality

  • Custom built BigCommerce Theme
  • Custom API integration with Searchanise
  • Complex Mega Navigation
  • Custom integration with Cloudfare
  • Custom integration with Segment CDP
  • API integration with Google Analytics
  • Custom filtering using Searchanise API


MAKDigital transformed with a complete migration from Volusion to BigCommerce, revolutionizing their online presence. The redesign prioritized a streamlined shopping experience and a visually stimulating homepage, enhancing brand focus.

Custom product templates and a user-friendly customization process were introduced, addressing the need for a modern and intuitive design. Responsive design and restructured navigation improved mobile accessibility and user experience.

Technical enhancements included a custom BigCommerce theme, API integrations with Searchanise and Segment CDP, a mega navigation system, and integration with Cloudfare and Google Analytics. These solutions collectively resolved issues of outdated design, poor mobile optimization, and organizational challenges, paving the way for increased traffic and sales.

Website redesign wire-frame
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