The Future of Link Building- 5 Important Tips

link building tips

The SEO technology keeps on changing with evolving industry trends and Google’s evolved terms and guidelines. But, one thing has not changed yet, not even expected to be changed in future is link building. Importance of links can never be defied.

Obviously there are certain other fundamental concerns namely- crawlability, indexation, site architecture, duplicate content etc. But link building needs an active importance and consideration. Link building is still the strongest mast of SEO and the strongest signal about our content and website we can give to Google. So, in the SEO industry, link building is a primary consideration to increase the search visibility of your website. The situation is tough and Google is stiff on spam links.

There are few issues which need to be addressed within an effective SEO strategy:

• Google’s search algorithm still takes “links” as its core strategy.
• There is a fundamental difference between content marketing and link building.
• Content Marketing is equally difficult. SEO professionals often do not possess the right skill set to create high- level content.
• Link building can accelerate your content marketing efforts.

1. Google’s search algorithm still takes “links” as its core strategy
Links are still hugely influential. This is also dyed-in-the-wool by:
• Matt Cutts’ (Google’s eminent engineer) webmaster tool videos
• Moz’s Search Engine Rannking Factors- 2013
• Google’s head of search- Amit Singhal

Google’s recent concentrated efforts on link building activities are well distinguished. We represent authentic, legitimate and real companies looking to grow their long term online visibility. This makes us use just safe, long- term and effective strategies to make these businesses grow. All this has led the SEO pros to find out new ways to ensure the creation of powerful and safe links. And we are aware of the fact that link building is still the core of Google’s search algorithm which raises the importance of link building.

2. There is a fundamental difference between content marketing and link building
Content marketing is often confused with link building. SEO is focused on increasing the search visibility whereas content marketing is about developing a content that is worth sharing. Content marketing should never be approached with link building perspective- it will hamper the quality of contend- guaranteed! The primary concern while building content should be adding value to it, adding your brand message and engaging the audience target.

3. Content Marketing is equally difficult
The SEO professionals often do not have the right skill-set to develop quality content. It potentially requires writers, editor, technical (web development, coders, app development etc.), industry experts and designers. Without appropriate investment ensuring unique, valuable and engaging content, it is simply wasting money, time and resources. A single person cannot do all the work for content marketing- for sure!

4. Link building can accelerate your content marketing efforts
SEO should be involved in every content marketing effort. But that is not the end. Amazing content needs to be marketed well- only SEO can help increase the visibility of your content.

Investing in links brings an investment to increase the visibility too. Good SEO strategy can accelerate your great content, promote average content and even recover average content.

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