eCommerce Retailers: Apple and Paypal Topples eCommerces Biggest Hurdle: One-Touch Checkout

Since it’s inception ten (10) years ago, Wireless Application Protocol websites for mobile phones, it stubbornly remained the most difficult device to make an online purchase. Consumers struggled with typing in the payment and shipping information on the tiny screen of the smartphone and it was just way too convoluted to navigate thereby making the desktop, the product of choice for online purchases.This has recently changed. The smartphone is now arguably the easiest device, in which to checkout. And as this past holiday season indicated, it has become the device of choice for online purchases.

In September with the intro of the new iPhone6 and iPhone6 Plus phones, and their iOS 8 mobile operating system, it paved the ways for ApplePay. With ApplePay, a customer can use his iPhone to make his purchase by tapping the phone against a payment terminal while touching the home button of the device. The iPhone’s owner is recognized via Apple’s Touch ID biometric fingerprint scanning technology.

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