Building Links versus Building a Business

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Building Links versus Building a Business

The SEO and link building industry is constantly evolving with new techniques and new elements constantly being added to the methods. The role of social media in engaging the customers is inevitable- through comments, mentions, links, content, shares etc. However, many among us would agree another downside of this all evolution- Google! Nowhere are we blaming Google for killing the SEO efforts. But, one thing is for sure that there is a problem hampering the link building efforts and resulting into miscommunication, unwarranted penalties and increased misapprehension among the online marketers and SEO professionals.

So, what can be done?

To be precise- the answer is to focus on business. The content should be intended to drive qualified leads and traffic and a much sharable content. We do so by building a prominent social presence and making them participate in the communities and forums where they can find their target audience.
We monitor the press mentions, making guest posts (also called third party posts) and classifying the locations where the link building can gain the real business value. This makes the audience engaged- rather than merely building links. Now, describing it in a detailed way…


Rand Fishkin from the Moz explains the future of search with the help of a presentation. In this presentation, he elaborated that SEO is no longer merely about gaming or manipulating the search engines and the companies must exhibit themselves as a real business. These “Real Businesses” must be so valuable that the search engine results look vacant without having them.

The stories about big companies being penalized for being right back in the search results a day or two later, is a perfect example of the above mentioned statement. These companies are so much loved, known and searched by the people that Google is well aware of the of their importance in its search results. To become one of these sure-fire businesses, focus on being a topic of discussion at the places that matter. Company reviews, mentions and social shares are authoritative stories of your BRAND.


Ignore putting all your efforts only on Google. Preserve some cherries in your basket! You ought to be found elsewhere as is no longer fair to assume that users will get us on the search results and click on our page- regardless of our rank on the page.

The BIG news is that there are other places where you can build links. Social Networks are the best places for building links with ever growing users. Billions of people are finding businesses on social networks, interacting with brands, sharing content, recommending content to friends and using it for business.

Because of all these reasons, social media are great places for building brands; get people talking about and build some valuable and authentic content that search engines are looking for. This prevents you website from another menace- if Google decides to penalize your website and remove it from its search results? Thus, diversifying your efforts towards other sources is always smart to alleviate risk!

Be patient

If your website is penalized by Google or Google’s web-spam head Matt Cutts says something about building links, be patient and don’t freak out.

Many manufacturing businesses still find the directories important. To generate overall business, submitting links to these directories may still work wonders for businesses finding and contacting each other.

The complete gist is to focus on things that help build your “business” as “brand”. If the efforts do not gain any search visibility, but drive potential traffic and relevant leads; that’s where your efforts are paid! After-all we just can’t keep worrying about which links are good or which ones are bad. Instead the focus on long-term gains will enhance the business reputation.

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