Volusion: What’s New?

Target of Volusion:
Volusion inc. is one of the most promising e-commerce software providers. Volusion recently launched a new and one of a kind internet hosted e-commerce platform called Mozu. Mozu will effectively handle all online operations of e-commerce websites and would have annual sales of about $100 million. With the launch of Mozu, Volusion have now set their target on big companies. Mozu is offered by Volusion in the form of “early access program” because currently the number of companies are limited who have decided to adopt this new platform. Analysts in the market are of view that Mozu is designed to work effectively in a highly competitive e-commerce market. It is suitable for small to medium sized companies but it is also highly appropriate for big companies. Volusion has in fact upgraded its technology offering by launching Mozu.

Volusion vs. Big Commerce:
Both Big Commerce and Volusion provide their service without charging any transaction fee. The first thing that will happen after sign up with either Big Commerce or Volusion is that you will be contacted by their personal consultant via email or phone. If you are clueless about the whole concept of e-commerce technology platform then you can direct all your questions to the consultant and get your queries cleared up. The GUI features offered by both these companies are up to the mark. They make it really easy to help you understand where all files will be stored and how they can be used. Shopping carts are designed in such a manner that they have the required aesthetics as well as the core shopping cart functionalities. The designing is done in such a way that you as a novice don’t have to face PHP or ASP code at all. The abstraction in the shopping cart functionality has made it easier for novice users to handle their e-commerce features well. This feature is highly appealing to all those people who are looking forward to having full control.
Who is better?
Now among the two, Big Commerce is better when it comes to usability and design while Volusion is better when it comes to experience because they have been in this business for a very long time. Big Commerce is especially famous for its drag and drop interface feature in the shopping cart. This makes shopping and adding items to cart easier and more fun. The ability of graphically massaging your shopping cart is very appealing to customers. As for Volusion they have been in this business for ten years now meaning their number of tutorials and library videos is very large. They have developed thousands of shopping carts and have a great name in the market. Their tutorial FAQs and commonly asked questions give clients a much better idea as to what they need. Volusion also has a much better customer base than Big Commerce and therefore they are a more reliable and credible name in the e-commerce platform development market. But Big Commerce is still a better choice from design and graphical point of view.

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