The Tripod for Quality Content Is Mellowing

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The Tripod for Quality Content is Mellowing

News, opinion and humor are the three kinds of quality content that are comparatively easier to produce and draw lot of interest for casual seekers. However, in the past few years the effectiveness of these quality content options are flattening out and this could be reckoned to the fact that everyone is demanding to perform the same song.

News is becoming a great deal for affiliate marketing, where more eye-balls on call-to-action is targeted by hard-core affiliates. Many of them put up their content with associate codes on the facade page/ root URL of the site than actual headline.

The people are anxious about the current events in a specific industry are fond of niche websites they favor for news. But, when so many websites are showing up the same stories it becomes difficult for your news to pop-head as quality content into the crowd.

It’s difficult to grasp interesting stories from difficult-to-locate resources and repackage them for a new audience. Strategy spinning the news is an important technique. It’s a converse content promotion play in which you’re trying to market the distribution channel instead of marketing the content providers.

If news does not fit, then humor may win the sprint.

Humor is difficult to write. Only certain talent and mind-set can create quality humorous content. Running out of jokes is an erratic phase which leads to writing impulsively about the negligible events of your life in larger-than-life prose or making fun of other people, disguising them and making them look senseless.
Humor stories are the riskiest as audience have only limited tolerance to irrelevant humor and becomes sick, degrading and disgusting of poor jokes. It does not even yield much money if you aren’t already earning a handsome amount.

The best humor is unaffected rather than being enforced and rigid. It makes creates joy because it helps us see ourselves as neither senseless nor a clown.

If Not News or Humor, then Opinion may indulge.

So when you are tired of the timorous journalism and extrovert comedy, you are finally left with cheap-quick-and-easy content production of Opinion. It’s not that quick to form a quality content on opinion too. To bring alive the authenticity, the solution may be to hire an opinionated writer for you blog.

The morality and veracity with which an opinion is presented makes it interesting. Fact based opinions need not help always. A conspiracy theorist grabs more heed because he deals with his subject matter with respect than to a science-driven cynic because the latter is continually sacking everything. Expressing what you do believe is more influential than that you don’t.

The greatest benefit speaking on your opinion is that some people agreeing with your opinion support you and promote you. And if you win the hearts and minds of those people often enough you’ll become one of the great voices of your micro-niche.

Fixing the tripod isn’t easy:
Too many people who twist the ship about or turn it over are trying to write about the news/ humor or opinion in their chosen niches — then there is no simple, easy solution to fixing the problem.

Being different attracts more resources than being the same as everyone. Promoting different and fresh quality content dominates the same content. Distinguish your websites with sincerity and uniqueness to break the stigma of being cheap. The only solution is the difference rather than being the same.

Remember, if there is a single player playing brilliant shots in the field, the audience will be attracted to watch him!

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