How To Build A Professional Brand For Your Business


How To Build A Professional Brand For Your Business



According to reports, 59% of customers prefer to buy products from a well-known brand than
from an unknown brand. Building a brand name that resonates with your customers and
non-customers is no easy task at all. In business, your brand is your identity, it is what your
customers can think of when they think of your business.
Here’s an example. Branding has existed for generations, in the times of old, powerful empires
branded their soldiers. When you think of the Spartans of old, their soldiers were known to be
powerful, the Roman army was known to be tactical, the Spanish military was known to be
involved mostly in conquering new territories. Whenever you think of the Spartans, what comes
to your mind is strength; that was their brand.
Another good example of branding but you may not get it if you aren’t a Game of Thrones fan.
The most powerful families had a sigil (logo), they were known to uphold a unique tradition and
they all had a tagline. The Lannisters had a sigil (logo) of a golden lion, which represents wealth
and strength, their official motto was “hear me roar” and their popular tagline was “a Lannister
always pays his debt”. They also had a distinguishing feature, they mostly had shiny golden hair.
Whenever you think of the Lannisters, what comes to mind is power, wealth and a family that
always fulfills their promises. It wasn’t just about the logo, there was a tradition, a way of life
and an aura behind the Lannisters, that was their brand.
Away from Game of Thrones, let’s go into the business of why we wrote this article.

What is a Brand?

Every business owner should know a well established and popular brand is one of the best assets
a company can have or the best, it depends. But what is the formal definition of a brand?
Simple, your brand is what your customers think of you when they see your product, their
perception of you.

What is Brand Building?

Brand building is basically the process of generating interest in your business using powerful
marketing techniques, your aim? To create a lasting image in the minds of your potential
customers. You can build your brand using several online and offline marketing techniques:


● Email Marketing
● Content creation and marketing
● Social media marketing
● Adverts and promotion
● Traditional advertisement (for offline marketing)
These are some of the marketing strategies you can employ to build a brand. For your brand to
become a success depends on how you combine these marketing strategies.
How to Build a Brand
In this section of the article, you will learn how to start building a brand name for your business
with simple and straightforward steps.

Develop a Brand Strategy

Developing a brand strategy simply means to draw an outline or a draft of whatever you’re trying
to achieve and how you’re going to achieve it. In this case, you’re trying to build a brand name
and one of the best ways to do that is to build a brand identity.
With a properly planned out brand strategy, you can build a powerful brand. Focus on creating
content that’s in line with what you’re trying to achieve, your culture and core values.

Find Out Your Target Audience

The second step to creating a brand name is to determine who your audience is. Who are you
trying to target, who will be interested in your products? What do they value, what is their age
group, their beliefs? When you’ve narrowed down their demographics then it’s easier to craft
content that’s specific for them.

Brand Culture is Important

Brand culture is like creating a format or rule that everyone associated with your brand should
follow, and that starts with you and your staff. This culture should be imbibed in everyone that
works for your company, patronizes your product and even markets your products (influencers
and micro-influencers).
You can create a book or a rule and let your staff study it or create a day out of the busy working
week to educate your staff on brand culture. This is one of the best ways to create a powerful and
long-lasting brand. The culture will certainly pass from your employees to your customers, that’s
how it works.

Choose a Powerful Slogan

A great slogan is one of the most effective ways to create a brand identity that sticks on the mind
of your customers. The major brands in the world have a slogan that their customers feel
attached to. LG’s slogan “life is good” resonates with their audience. The slogan that made Apple
popular was the “think different” line, just two words but created a lasting image in the minds of
their customers. Nike’s “just do it” represents more than the three words, it has become a
That’s how powerful a good slogan can be if you want to create a brand name that sells products.

Looks Matter

When creating your brand you should invest a lot of time into the look of your brand. This
includes logo design, color combination and the fonts for your slogan and tagline.
Choose colors that best represent your value, design a logo that stands out and has a story that
can capture the minds of your target audience. Use catchy and matured colors. An aesthetically
pleasing brand evokes emotion and brand loyalty, that’s been scientifically proven.

Apply and Grow

When you develop a brand strategy, get a brand identity, know your target audience, create brand
culture, get a powerful slogan and make your brand look good to the eye, it’s time to apply
everything you’ve achieved to your business.
When you apply, watch out for what’s working and what’s not. Take what’s working and improve
on it, take out whatever isn’t working, change it and just continue to evolve till you finally
achieve your main objective. Which is to create a powerful long-lasting brand that grows your
From these steps you’ve seen branding isn’t just about creating logos, choosing colors and
images, but it is a part of it. Creating a brand for your business is a fulfilling project that reaps
abundant benefits if successful.

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