Benefits of Meta Business Suite For Your Business


Facebook’s decision to buy Instagram and WhatsApp in 2012 and 2014 created a giant social media ecosystem, now known as Meta — the name came in 2021 though. And Meta Business Suite, formerly Facebook Business Suite, has lots to offer social commerce merchants. Businesses won’t spend over 114 billion on advertising in Meta platforms if it doesn’t work. Facebook and Instagram are the bedrock of social commerce. Although both platforms started as social networks, they’ve grown over the years into valuable tools that allow eCommerce merchants to reach about three billion potential buyers online. If that doesn’t motivate you to expand your eCommerce business to Meta, these are benefits of Meta Business Suite which can improve your social commerce experience as a merchant.

What is Meta Business Suite

Meta Business Suite is a free front-end tool that allows eCommerce businesses to manage Instagram and Facebook business accounts simultaneously, including ads, from a unified dashboard. Meta Business Suite also provides relevant insights about business metrics. It has features that cover four key functionalities; posting, messaging, insights, and advertising. Meta Business Suite is available to anyone using Facebook for Business, and merchants can access it on mobile and desktop.

You might wonder, doesn’t Facebook Business Manager do the same thing? No, Facebook Business Manager is a backend tool businesses can use to delegate and control employee access to their Facebook for Business account. You can use your Facebook Business Manager to give six employees different roles and limit their access to only the features that matter to their roles.

Insights You Can Access on Meta Business Suite

Ad performance: Meta Business Suite shows insights about your marketing campaigns across all Meta platforms, letting you see how they perform. You get to see which ads are performing well against what platform so that you can decide whether to change your marketing tactics. Probably to stop some ads altogether or to take some ads to other Meta platforms.

Engagement: every eCommerce business will benefit from insights about how people respond to their content, which is why Meta Business Suite shows content performance. The insights will inform your content creation in the future.

Audience demographics: Meta Business Suite also shares insights about the type of people who interact with your business page. You can see their interests, location, age group, and more. Insights about demographics can inform your segmentation and personalization strategies.

10 Ways to Use Meta Business Suite

Post and Story Scheduling: since it is crucial for a business page to post more regularly than non-brand users, this feature ensures that businesses can schedule content for posting in advance. You can access the post and story scheduler feature from the Create Post button on the Home tab. Write a caption, attach a video or an image (up to 10 images if you like), and choose the time you want the post to go live on Instagram or Facebook.

Optimal Posting Times: as a brand on social media, there are times in the day when your target audience are more responsive, and you can generate better engagement by posting content during the optimal times. Meta Business Suite provides optimal time recommendations for when you can publish content to increase reach and engagement. You can use this tool with the post and story scheduler feature for the best results.

Content Planning: Meta Business Suite provides two features that help with content planning; Post & Stories tab and Planner. The post and stories tab lets you see all drafted, scheduled, and published content. The planner feature makes it easier to access content by displaying them in a calendar format. You can also access the post and story scheduler from the Planner calendar.

Hashtag Organization: hashtags are useful elements that increase your reach and engagement on social media, but it can be hard finding the right hashtags, in addition to tracking effective hashtags. You will find a hashtag organization functionality in the hashtag symbol of the Text box, which allows you to enter keywords in the search bar to access hashtag recommendations. Meta apps also provides information about each hashtag, such as the number of times the hashtag has been used across Instagram and Facebook.

A/B Tests: as you carry out marketing campaigns on Facebook and Instagram, one way to ensure that your content generates desired results from your target audience is by conducting A/B tests. The A/B test feature on Meta Business Suite allows you to test up to four variants of one post to determine the best one, the post variant your audience prefers.

To-do List: you will find the to-do list feature at the front center of the Home Tab, which you can use to create a to-do list of tasks, adding notes to help with execution. Once you create a to-do list task, anyone with manager permission can view the task, while the task creator can mark it as done. You can add tasks manually or automatically.

Notifications Prioritization: the notifications feature in Meta Business Suite displays notifications by prioritizing vital interactions such as comments and messages from your audience. You will find high-priority audience interactions upon opening the Notifications tab, and you can easily provide prompt responses from there. You will also see low-priority notifications that don’t particularly need your response.

Mentions & Tags: the mentions & tags feature is perfect for keeping a tab of user-generated content (UGC), which allows you to reach out to the creators and share UGC. This feature displays all mentions and tags your business gets on Facebook and Instagram. However, it doesn’t show notifications in any order, so you may have to look harder to fish out recent tags and mentions.

Inbox Management: this feature collects all messages from Instagram and Facebook into a unified inbox, making it easier for you to manage your messages. It also provides an automation element that helps streamline multiple messages and comments, which is particularly useful for brands that receive lots of messages.

File Management: as your employees work together to create content or as you collaborate with clients or colleagues for content creation, you must track and manage content effectively. Meta Business Suite provides a file manager feature that lets you organize content by campaigns, channels, themes, or any other custom categories. You can upload media assets to any content folder to create posts for publishing straight from the file manager.

To summarize, this article discussed the following;

  • What is Meta Business Suite
  • Insights you can access on Meta Business Suite
    • Ad performance
    • Engagement
    • Audience demographics
  • 10 ways to use Meta Business Suite
    • Post and story scheduling
    • Optimal posting times
    • Content planning
    • Hashtag organization
    • A/B testing
    • To-do list
    • Notification prioritization
    • Mentions and tags
    • Inbox management
    • File management
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