Searchspring and Increasingly: Powering Ecommerce with AI Product Bundling

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Today, Searchspring announced integrating Increasingly’s AI-powered product-bundling solution. This follows Increasingly’s top 10 position in BusinessCloud’s RetailTech 50, offering significant benefits for merchants.

For merchants, this integration is a game-changer. It seamlessly translates the traditional in-store shopping experience into the digital realm, enhancing metrics like average order value (AOV), efficiency, and shopper satisfaction. With Predictive Product Bundling, shoppers effortlessly discover related items with a single click.

Sri Sharma, CEO & Cofounder of Increasingly, expressed excitement about the UK recognition, emphasizing the transformative benefits within the Searchspring platform. He likened it to having a data science-enabled personal shopper, calling it every ecommerce merchant’s dream.

What does this mean for ecommerce retailers? Access to powerful algorithms for personalized bundle recommendations based on each shopper’s unique preferences. Merchants leverage data science to automatically create product bundles, enhancing the overall shopping experience.

Alex Kombos, CEO of Searchspring, underlined the company’s commitment to innovation. He stressed their focus on delivering differentiated shopper experiences through cutting-edge technology. He highlighted the significance of Increasingly’s recognition and the value it brings to Searchspring’s platform.

BusinessCloud’s RetailTech 50 recognized Increasingly’s impact, securing the number 10 spot. This underscores the profound influence and significance of Increasingly within the retail technology landscape.

This integration signifies a major leap forward for ecommerce, promising to revolutionize how merchants engage with customers and drive sales. Stay tuned as we delve deeper into this groundbreaking collaboration between Searchspring and Increasingly.

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