Why Leaving Volusion For Magento Is A Good Decision


Why Leaving Volusion For Magento Is A Good Decision



If you ask online vendors to choose between Magento and Volusion, I bet it will be a quick decision for most of them because Magneto is their go-to option. Volusion kicked off during 1999’s eCommerce boom, but apparently this old-timer is still no match for newer companies like Shopify and Magento that have now gained their market shares. One major reason why Volusion is not users’ favorite is the 2019 security breach on its cloud-based framework. Additionally, Volusion is a household name among cloud-hosted digital stores for small businesses and brick-and-mortar stores. Therefore, it was no surprise that the news of the unfortunate cyber attack spread like wildfire in tech groups that year.

Volusion’s Security Breach

The cyber criminals breached Volusion’s infrastructural security by compromising the company’s Google Cloud framework. They used a ruse called the Magecart Attack or Web Card Skimming. In this attack, the hackers steal credit card information from digital stores, instead of ATM’s. Reports say that the rates of similar skimming attacks are skyrocketing around the world, and over 18,000 sites have recorded such card information theft attempts in the last couple of months.


A Gemini research report shows that Volusion’s servers had malicious JavaScript code embedded in them. As a result, over 6500 digital stores, all clients of the company, had the code loaded onto them. This malicious code copied credit card data as shoppers entered their details at the stores’ checkout pages. With this, the cyber criminals stole over 230,000 payment card details and made at least $1.6 million by selling them on the dark web.


While this unfortunate situation happened more than a year ago, it shows that there’s a need for proper security protocols for data, in order to prevent future cybersecurity attacks. Not only can these attacks cause great harm to your business, but they can also ruin your brand’s reputation. What 21st-century e-commerce stores need is data security protocols that are thoroughly secure to get the trust of users.


This alone is enough reason for you to move your digital business to an e-commerce platform with one of the best track records in the industry; Magneto.


Other reasons you should leave Volusion and migrate to Magneto are:


For hosting, Volusion hosts and administrates digital sites and charges the site owners a fee for bandwidth use. The problem with this is that on many occasions in the past, Volusion has had frequent down-times, and other problems with providing a quality hosting experience for their customers. Also, there’s a high chance that Volusion will increase your bandwidth charge per usage if your digital store starts to expand in size and traffic, but this is understandable. However, when you factor in other minute issues that can jeopardize your business operations, you realize that leaving Volusion is the right thing to do.


On the other hand, for Magento, a ton of more preferable options exist for site owners. Magento has a Cloud Edition package for owners interested in managed hosting. Magento also offers joint packages with third-party providers that are certified by Magento, hence, making sure that users get the best quality services. There is absolutely no reason to compromise on your site’s load time and performance.


Magento is an open-source platform available for free download. It allows users to customize extensions, layouts, and themes to their taste. Customization is easily done by making changes to the software code. If you have a few developer skills up your sleeves, you will find Magento to be more useful than Volusion. For businesses who understand how site design and a great user experience influence conversion and sales, the ability to customize as many features as possible is a big plus.


Being an open-source platform, Magento requires users to have a separate hosting plan, paid security, and customize their stores from start to top. Volusion offers users 26 limited themes, as opposed to the many free customizable themes available to Magento users. With unique extensions and seamless customization options, features, and impressive flexibility, Magento remains one of the best eCommerce platforms available today.


Volusion’s basic plans start at $15 monthly. In comparison with plans from their rivals, it looks like the best option, but just as we mentioned earlier, Volusion increases your bandwidth charges as soon as your site begins to expand and garner more traffic. They also charge a fixed percentage on PayPal and CC based transactions. Additionally, Volusion users also find it difficult to estimate their monthly bandwidth fees. Not to mention that Volusion hikes these fees every single month per bandwidth usage, and if your store is growing exponentially, the charges will get discouraging in no time.


With Magento, users, especially in the Community Edition, get a clear estimate of their monthly remittances. Several hosting plans from a variety of hosting providers are also available to prospective users. While Magento might seem like a large one-time payment, when you compare it with other plans from competitors, you will see that it’s worth your money. Magento also provides its customers with tips and assistance to increase your on-site sales, traffic and many more offers for mobile devices and tablets.


When comparing Volusion to Magento, you will find Volusion to be less SEO-friendly than Magento. First, Volusion has limited SEO options, and also no built in option for site owners to create blog content with. Magento on the other hand has better SEO features and more built in extensions than Volusion. The said extensions help with product reviews and site development to give better SEO.

Bottom Line

In a quick summary, if you have not left Volusion behind for Magento, now is the best time. Magento is a better contender and has also proven to be a better digital site for e-commerce than Volusion. Take advantage of Magento’s robust platform and in no time you will begin to see your business grow, site traffic increase, and sales shoot through the roof.

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