Increase Conversions on your eCommerce Store with Gamification

ecommerce gamification

Increase eCommerce Conversions with Gamification


If you have ever played video games before it is likely that you have experienced being rewarded with in-game loot or character upgrades upon the completion of a level or at the end of a boss battle. These minor upgrades help motivate players to continue playing the game; they never know what cool item they will receive next. Similarly to the video game world, eCommerce stores have begun to utilize identical systems to promote positive customer behavior through a process known as “Gamification”.


Gamified pop-ups on eCommerce stores drive an additional 15% engagement rate in comparison to their non-interactive counterparts. Although there are multiple strategies you can use to “gamify” your online store, we will only be going through a few in this article.

Increasing Engagement with Promotional Contests

One of the easiest gamified promotions you should start with is the use of promotional contests, such as giveaways. Typically, all you ask from those who would like to enter the giveaway is their email. Although it may seem wasteful to give away some of your products for free, as many marketers may already know, the lifetime value of having your customers emails outweighs the costs.


You may also use giveaways as a way to promote your businesses social media. Encouraging active engagement to participate in a giveaway is a great way to give your marketing efforts an extra boost and put your products in front of the eyes of even more potential customers.

Spin-to-Win and Scratch Off

Methods you have likely seen already if you are fond of shopping online are “spin-to-win” and “scratch off” pop-ups. The reason these methods have become so popular is simply because they work. If you somehow haven’t seen these methods being utilized, check out these 2 brand new plug-ins developed by Justuno. The goal of these kind of gamified experiences is to keep customers engaged whilst also offering them something along the lines of a discount, which helps drive conversions.


There are many different ways to utilize this method. It is important to determine your businesses goals, figure out the design you will need, and whether or not a custom design is the way to go. Thoughtful, branded experiences are more likely to convert visitors into customers.

Tiered Loyalty Programs

Encouraging engagement on your website is great, but what could be better? Returning customers engaging more actively of course. Some brands have already started to utilize this method, pushing their customers to return actively to receive higher tiered rewards. How this method typically works is as follows: first time customers will receive a reward for creating an account on a website, providing their email of course. Next, they will receive additional rewards upon making their first purchase or hitting a specified amount spent. Lastly, higher tiered rewards will be given to actively returning customers such as discounts or special promotional items.


Having your customers “unlock” benefits by taking the actions that you want them to helps encourage positive customer behavior, and drastically increases the lifetime value of each customer. Of course, this isn’t the only way a tiered loyalty program can work, and if you’re creative enough the possibilities are endless.

Gamification in eCommerce – Conclusion

Gamification is a great way to encourage customer engagement, as well as promote your socials, and grow your email list. Who wouldn’t want to turn one-time buyers into lifelong customers?


Level up your marketing strategy by utilizing gamification on your eCommerce store today!


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