Myths and Tips About Your Website and Its SEO

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After Matt Cutts declared that links are bad/ over/ dead, many clients develop an assumption that spending on SEO and link building is of no use. This leads them to enact haphazard decisions and loosing great traffic. Even in 2014, many websites lost their SEO results with rather misplaced or erroneous content. These all will result into really horrible effects.

Here are certain myths that are hampering the SEO professional in fetching greater audience engagement:

Myth 1- Built it attractive to drive in traffic
This one is favorite for content marketing. Simply create an amazing website with winning content and watch the traffic drive in! Is it really true? Well, the answer is NO!

If it was that easy, all SEO professionals would be content writers or jobless. Unfortunately, while great content is a vital part of SEO; it also needs strong links, great technical base, faster page downloads and others. Without effective SEO tactics, great content is like sitting all alone in a big field.

Myth 2- Link building is dead
Merely building links does not mean that traffic will drive in to your website. The fact is that Cutts never said so! He said that when Google tried excluding the links from its algorithm, and the results were even worse. Thus links aren’t dead. But don’t try to buy links that can lead your website to Google penalty. Develop a strategic SEO plan for link acquisition and try to implement the same. But make sure that it is done in a way that would appear natural.

Myth 3- Ranking doesn’t matter
You would have heard that traffic is a better measure for SEO. While it is true, the matter can be a bit deceiving. The “Top 10” factor does not matter anymore. With personalization, geological and other factors in way; you can no longer rely upon the definite “Top 10”. In fact, ranking is the old term replaced with positioning because ranking sticks to numeric order while positioning is more specific about the placement on SERPs.
Position matters, ranking may not.

Myth 4- Build more links with social media
If you think that being social is the new link building, you are wrong. The reason is easy to understand- the negative history of Google, Twitter and Facebook. When Google considered twitter into its algorithm, but the process became ineffective when Twitter pulled its access from Google. Social is Myths and tips about your website and its SEO: the new link building, but confined to the strategic and ethical link building.

So now when you know the myths about your website and SEO, here are some tips that will help improve the SERP results:

1. An image into the search results increases your click- through rates. But don’t add this tag everywhere. Try to make sure that it is added only in well written content and give your site an extra value.

2. Make sure wherever you list the name of your business online, include proper citations to it like- phone number, address, contact etc. Keep them same throughout all listings.

3. Make sure that your site’s URLs are absolute, not too long and contain manifold query strictures.

4. Keep checking your website on Google’s Page Speed Tool. Get your site’s score above 85- 90.

5. Get a website auditor every year. This will help you avoid penalties, avoid issues and make sure that your website is running smoothly.

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