Walmart Marketplace is Now Available Through BigCommerce

walmart marketplace bigcommerce

Walmart Marketplace is Now Available Through BigCommerce


One thing that any business would love would be to be given access to millions of new potential customers over-night. Well, with the addition of being able to sell on the Walmart Marketplace through BigCommerce, that is exactly what they can have. Walmart, which is best known for their in-person shopping, has grown their online sales substantially during the pandemic. With over 120 million unique shoppers on each month, there is an opportunity for many BigCommerce stores to grow through the Walmart Marketplace.

Walmart Marketplace

Unlike other large online retailers, the Walmart Marketplace is built to be extremely selective; not just anyone can sell on the marketplace. To be able to sell on the Walmart Marketplace, you must be approved by Walmart themselves to join their curated community of respected sellers. Although it may seem like a daunting task, the benefit of gaining access to the Marketplace’s millions of potential customers is immeasurable.


In the most recent quarter alone, Walmart has advanced their E-Commerce sales by a whopping 69%. With how fast the Walmart Marketplace is growing, now is the perfect time to begin selling on their website, especially considering how easy it is to do so through the BigCommerce platform.

How to Sell on the Walmart Marketplace Through BigCommerce

If you are already running your E-Commerce store through the BigCommerce platform, there are a few things you must do before you are able to sell on the Walmart Marketplace. First things first, merchants must connect within the Channel Manager. Then, you will need to complete an application to submit to the Walmart Marketplace. Once you are approved, you must select an integrator and follow all of Walmart’s onboarding procedures before you may begin selling.


For your first 30 days, Walmart is allowing you to sell commission-free in order to try out their Marketplace to decide if it is for you. Everything is managed centrally through BigCommerce, so you will not have to worry about managing everything through a separate application. BigCommerce automatically keeps your products synced with the Walmart Marketplace, making it very easy to track your products, orders, and your inventory. They also allow you to enjoy a dedicated BigCommerce review process.


If you are already on the BigCommerce platform, selling on the Walmart Marketplace is a no-brainer. With only a few simple steps, you will be able to access a large pool of customers you may not have had access to otherwise. Also, if you have been running your store on an outdated platform and have been thinking about moving over to the more modern and robust BigCommerce platform, now would be the perfect time to make the transition.

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