BigCommerce and Unbxd Partnership Announced That Can Help E-Commerce Businesses Increase Sales

bigcommerce unbxd partnership

Unbxd and BigCommerce Partnership


Something big is coming to the e-commerce space as a major partnership was announced on March 10th, 2021. Unbxd Inc, the leading e-commerce platform for product discovery, entered a partnership with BigCommerce Certified Tech, an e-commerce solution that operates a SaaS model. This might just be a match made in e-commerce heaven. With BigCommerce’s plethora of customers, and Unbxd’s AI-powered self-serving Product Information Management (PIM) solution, e-commerce businesses will have everything at their fingertips. Both companies have been working behind the scenes for this partnership. Now, over 60,000 of BigCommerce’s customers can fully integrate and utilize the services of Unbxd via the BigCommerce Application, starting from the day of the partnership announcement.

Unbxd’s Contribution to E-Commerce

For both companies, the partnership is such an innovative decision as it displays priority for the experience of e-commerce businesses all around the globe. Founded in 2011, Unbxd is a product discovery platform that uses the application of advanced data science to merge shoppers with the products they are most likely to purchase. This is a great platform; it saves shoppers endless hours of falling down the rabbit hole of the internet in search of products that might interest them. Unbxd achieves this by providing multiple predictive actionable insights for merchandising and using the intelligent site search.


Unbxd offers an integrated lone source of truth for all data and their products. It simplifies its UX and creates avenues for efficiency of use. The Product Info. Management solution at Unbxd gives e-commerce retailers and brands a leveraging hand in changing the dynamic raw product data into useful product information at scale. It facilitated the collaboration between teams, enhanced PI quality, and helped in delivering product information, to users swifty. With this company, the product development teams of e-commerce brands can utilize the combination of AI, Automation, and Database Activity Monitoring (DAM) to effectively display and publish voluminous amounts of content. This is only a little on the efficacy of Unbxd.


Before this partnership, Unbxd was doing well, powering over a billion global interactions a month. Now, with its recent affiliation with BigCommerce, these numbers are only expected to skyrocket. This is because, for Unbxd, the partnership with BigCommerce offers more visibility in the e-commerce space. In the exact words of Pavan Sondur, CEO and Co-founder at Unbxd:


“Our partnership with BigCommerce is another step towards our vision of modernizing digital commerce for retail stores across the globe. Product Information is the core tenet in the end-to-end journey of an online shopper on the website. And Unbxd’s AI-powered PIM helps eCommerce businesses manage product information holistically,” 


The CEO further mentioned that BigCommerce’s vision of igniting growth and not complexity aligns with the company’s beliefs. As a result, he believes that this partnership given more time will eventually lead to world domination for both companies in the e-commerce space.

BigCommerce’s Contribution To E-Commerce

Well, its contribution is evident in its name. BigCommerce is a SaaS e-commerce company that was founded in 2009. The company is a paid-form platform that enables e-commerce brands to host or set up an online store via their site. BigCommerce caters to over 60,000 customers and it has tremendously helped these customers achieve success in ways they did not think possible. With features like customer groups, web hosting, search engine optimization, and many more, BigCommerce connects these brands to their potential customers.


Its mobile app, BigCommerce App Marketplace, makes this connection more seamless and integrated. E-commerce brands can use BigCommerce to market and sell a range of diverse products whether digital or physical. It is so easy as the SaaS plans are accompanied by an exclusive range of customizable templates which can help such brands design and perfect the appearance of their online store. The best part is that one does not require proficiency in web development to set up an online store on BigCommerce.


For BigCommerce, the partnership is an illustration of the company’s continuous dedication to the needs of its merchants. It is also in fulfillment of the promise to provide the highest-level technologies available on the market for use by its customers. The CCO of BigCommerce, Russell Klein, highlighted the mutuality of interests between both companies as they strive to help merchants maximize their success.

So, what does the partnership between BigCommerce and Unbxd mean for e-commerce brands and merchants?

First, users of BigCommerce can utilize the intelligent search option and the Product Information Management solution Unbxd provides. This means that the visibility of the products of these merchants will increase, thereby helping vendors to reach more potential buyers. It also means that shoppers will easily find the products that they are most likely to purchase. This will invariably cause sales to increase and in a way, this will have a guaranteed effect on the growth of such e-commerce brands.


Clients who already use Unbxd can access BigCommerce’s hive of global shoppers by creating an online store on the marketplace. This way, they can enjoy the best of both e-commerce worlds.


Over to You


So, what should you take away from this partnership as an e-commerce business owner? As we mentioned above, BigCommerce is a household name in the e-commerce development platform terrain and the company offers its users numerous features as a full-suite package. Before the partnership, Unbxd was helping over 1300 e-commerce stores from over 40 countries to augment and enhance their search functionalities. Unbxd provides its product search solution as a custom-build product for e-commerce niches such as B2B, healthcare, home decor, pharma, fashion, autocrats, and mass merchants. So, if you are a merchant in any of these verticals, it may be time for you to look into Unbxd and BigCommerce to see how their partnership can benefit your business and help you grow your brand.

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