Spinning Designs BigCommerce Theme Update

Image of Spinning Designs Homepage (middle), Product page (left) and category page (right)

Who is Spinning Designs?

Spinning Designs is an eCommerce platform specializing in the sale of spinning and display products for various industries, including retail, trade shows, and events. With a focus on innovation and quality, Spinning Designs aims to provide customers with cutting-edge solutions to enhance their marketing and promotional efforts.

Main Objectives of Spinning Designs BigCommerce Theme Update

  • Modernization of Website Theme
  • Updating to the Latest BigCommerce Technology
  • Widescreen Standard and Responsive Design
  • Optimizing website for Performance, SEO, Best Practices and Accessibility metrics

Design and Functionality

The updated website theme for Spinning Designs showcases a subtle yet impactful touch-up in its design and functionality. Rather than undergoing a complete redesign, the focus was on refreshing the existing BigCommerce theme to align with contemporary standards, enhance user experience, and ensure compatibility when updating to the latest BigCommerce Platform technologies. With this project, Spinning Designs aimed to maintain the essence of its brand identity while improving the overall look and feel of its online platform.

Central to the theme update was the incorporation of the latest BigCommerce Node technology. This was prioritized to maintain the security and compatibility of Spinning Designs BigCommerce store, which further highlights the importance of updating to the latest BigCommerce theme. By recoding the theme, we ensured compatibility with current standards while embracing the latest best practices in web development. This technological upgrade establishes a robust foundation for improved performance and functionality, all without the need for a complete overhaul of the website’s design.

Spinning Designs homepage on monitor screen and Iphone screen

Furthermore, the website now adheres to a widescreen standard and implements responsive design techniques. By optimizing for widescreen displays and ensuring responsiveness across various devices, including desktops, laptops, tablets, and smartphones, Spinning Designs guarantees an optimal viewing experience for all visitors.

Despite the focus on simple yet important design enhancements, the project also aimed to improve performance and SEO metrics. By updating to the latest BigCommerce technology and implementing best practices, the website’s speed, responsiveness, and overall performance are expected to improve significantly. These optimizations not only contribute to a smoother browsing experience but also enhance the website’s visibility and accessibility, ultimately driving better engagement and conversion rates.

In summary, the theme update for Spinning Designs represents a strategic balance between design refinement and technological advancement. By embracing modern design principles and leveraging the latest technologies, Spinning Designs ensures its continued relevance and effectiveness in the competitive eCommerce landscape. We look forward to the new heights they will reach in 2024 and beyond.

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