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Collectibles | Launched 04/01/20, founded in 2003 by Steven and Margaret Allen, is a prominent independent retailer based in Overland Park, Kansas. Specializing in high-definition one-sixth scale collectible figures, they have established a global presence through their website, Recognizing the evolving challenges of the one-sixth hobby, Timewalker Toys developed a customer-centric program with pre-order discounts, free shipping options, billing alerts, bundling, and other value-added services. In collaboration with MAKDigital, underwent a complete overhaul to enhance its web business, leveraging the Volusion platform for a fresh site with responsive design and an updated user experience.


Timewalker Toys faced challenges associated with an outdated website design and functionality. Despite being a leading retailer in the one-sixth scale collectibles niche, the site needed modernization to align with current eCommerce standards. The goal was to enhance user experience, expedite the customer journey, and incorporate features that catered to the evolving needs of collectors. With a focus on responsive design and user experience best practices, MAKDigital aimed to provide Timewalker Toys with a revamped online presence that would carry them seamlessly through the 2020s.

timewalker toys home, category and product page templates.

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Driven by the necessity to bring up to date with the latest eCommerce trends, the redesign was a comprehensive effort to modernize the Volusion website. The outdated design was replaced with a responsive and mobile-optimized layout. New features, including advanced search functionality and a streamlined checkout process, were introduced to improve user engagement and boost key performance indicators. Following digital marketing best practices, we maximized the available content for each product, enriching the site with exceptional Timewalker content, including images, videos, descriptions, and more! The redesign aimed at not only meeting but exceeding customer expectations, ensuring a user-friendly experience and positioning Timewalker Toys as a contemporary player in the one-sixth scale collectibles market.


Custom Features & Functionality

  • Complex Mega Navigation
  • Custom Branding
  • Featured Product Scroller
  • Modified Shopping Cart
  • Responsive Design


MAKDigital's solution for encompassed a strategic redesign that modernized the site, enhanced user experience, and incorporated vital features to meet the demands of collectors. Leveraging Volusion and implementing custom programming such as a Featured Product Scroller, Responsive Design, Complex Mega Navigation, Custom Branding, and a Modified Shopping Cart, the website was transformed to align with current industry standards. The responsive design ensures optimal performance on mobile devices, while the streamlined checkout process and advanced search functionality contribute to a seamless customer journey. The redesign not only brought into the 21st century of eCommerce but also positioned it as a forward-thinking and customer-focused destination for one-sixth scale collectibles enthusiasts.

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