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Consumer Electronics/Toys | Launched 12/04/20

Founded over a decade ago, RC Hobby Explosion has stood as a prominent industry leader, catering to the diverse needs of remote-controlled (R/C) enthusiasts. Specializing in a wide range of R/C products, from entry-level toys to cutting-edge hobby-grade trucks, they have established themselves by offering high-quality, in-stock radio control items at competitive prices.


Seeking a transformation from their outdated Volusion implementation, RC Hobby Explosion collaborated with MAKDigital for a comprehensive migration to BigCommerce. The challenges included a text-heavy, visually unappealing homepage that did not translate well to mobile devices. In response to the evolving expectations of online shoppers, there was a clear need for a visually stimulating and user-centric shopping experience.

RC Hobby Explosion BigCommerce Migration & Redesign

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  • Home Page
  • Category Page
  • Product Page


MAKDigital embarked on a mobile-first redesign, revitalizing the site's aesthetics and user experience. The homepage was revamped, placing a stronger emphasis on updated imagery and a more intuitive user interface. Product pages underwent a transformation with enlarged text content and a visually enhanced "Add to Cart" button, ensuring a more engaging and seamless shopping journey.

The implementation of a Search app further improved the search experience, with a dedicated focus on optimizing mobile functionality. A full data migration from Volusion to BigCommerce was executed, complemented by a comprehensive SEO audit and adherence to SEO best practices. MAKDigital meticulously set up 301 Redirects and optimized Canonical URLs to ensure optimal performance with Search Engine Results Pages (SERPs).


Custom Features & Functionality

  • Complex Mega Navigation


MAKDigital's comprehensive approach led to remarkable results. The migration to BigCommerce not only addressed the immediate issues but also resulted in substantial improvements:

  • Increase in Average Order Value: Over 25%
  • Increase in Mobile/Tablet Traffic: Over 40%
  • Increase in Conversion Rate: Over 25%
  • Increase in New Users: Over 20%

The project not only elevated the visual appeal and functionality of RC Hobby Explosion's online store but also contributed significantly to key performance metrics, reflecting a successful collaboration and the effective implementation of modern e-commerce solutions.

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