10 Essential Skills You Need to Build A Successful eCommerce Business

successful ecommerce business

10 Essential Skills You Need to Build a Successful eCommerce Business


Here are the top 10 skills to build a successful ecommerce business.


As the world is trying to get back on its feet, e-commerce is constantly growing and accommodating more entrepreneurs. So, if you’re looking to start your e-commerce business this year, you need to start on a good note. You need to have the right skills.


In this article, we will talk about 10 must-have skills you need to build a successful e-commerce business and recommend the best resources to teach you. Whether you’re a newbie or you’re already running your e-commerce business, this article has something in store for you, so keep reading.


What’s the point of creating an e-commerce website if it doesn’t reach its target audience? How do you even make profits when your website doesn’t generate traffic? This is why you need SEO. There are other ways to drive traffic to your website, but they will cost you money. You can practice SEO for free or spend very little compared to other practices such as PPC.


You can’t practice what you don’t know how to do, can you? The best time to learn about SEO and SEO practices is before launching your website, the next best time is now. Get The 2021 Complete Google SEO & SERP Certification Bundle for a discounted price of $29.99. Usual price is $1,393.


Bill Gate’s 1996 statement “content is king” remains true to this day. In fact, content is more elaborate and diverse now, but one thing remains number one across all types of content, and that is quality. Consistency is a close-second. If you want to sail quicker and better in e-commerce, you must learn copywriting and content writing. They are different but you don’t necessarily need content writing if your website doesn’t have a blog section.


You won’t know how important blogging on your e-commerce business website is until you start.


Not everyone can be great writers, but that’s not an excuse to write and publish shabby copies. Get The Premium Digital Copywriting Training Bundle for a discounted price of $24.99. Usual price is $1,000.

Facebook Marketing

Running an e-commerce business and not tapping from the treasure that Facebook is to e-commerce? That’s a shame. Facebook is one of the biggest networks for advertising. Running paid Facebook marketing campaigns can take you from a few sales to selling all the items in your inventory quicker than you think.


But you can’t achieve impressive results from your campaigns if you don’t learn how to use Facebook the right way. Get The Ultimate Facebook Ads & Marketing Bundle for a discounted price of $29.99. Usual price is $1,800.

Graphic Design

You can’t run an e-commerce business without using graphic design, web design, and product design even. You can hire a designer to help with all your design needs, but make sure you budget thousands of dollars for a professional designer.


What if you hire a designer off a freelance platform? Well, that’s a gamble, as you will realize that you will be paying hundreds of dollars for poor designs. Not to mention that design needs are endless.


So, instead of hiring a cheap designer every time you need a new design, why not make your designs by yourself? Get The 2021 Complete All-in-One Adobe Creative Cloud Suite Certification Course Bundle for a discounted price of $33.99. Usual price is $2,400.

Email Marketing

How many times have you panicked before sending out cold emails because you doubt you will get the response you desire? The truth is that email marketing can be a gold mine if you learn how to use it to your advantage. But it’s so easy to fall into the rabbit hole where your target audience ignores your email campaigns, or even worse, unsubscribe or block your business.


Some of the practices you need to learn are as follows: personalization, email list building, and how to curate email content that will move your target audience to take desired actions. Get The Complete Email Marketing Bootcamp for a discounted price of $29.99. Usual price is $1,393.

Product Photography

Product photography is an important aspect of every e-commerce business. You need pictures to tell your potential buyers what to expect when they place an order. Pictures can communicate better than words sometimes, and you need high-quality photography to do that.


You don’t have to become a pro photographer, but you certainly need to learn how to do your product photography yourself until you can afford to hire a professional. Get The 2021 Complete Learn to Master Photography & Editing Bundle for a discounted price of $39.99. Usual price is $2,985.

Google Analytics

You need to monitor your website’s performance; you can’t improve your e-commerce business if you can’t tell which of your inputs are working from those that are not working. You can use premium web analytics tools that come at a price or you can use Google Analytics which is free.


If used well, Google Analytics can give you accurate insights into how your website is performing; what visitors see, what they buy, what they spend more time on, and lots more. To get the best out of Google Analytics, you need to learn how to maximize its potentials.


Get The Google Analytics Master Class Bundle for a discounted price of $34,99. Usual price is $995.

Project Management

Every business owner needs to have project management skills. You will apply the skills when working on new projects such as launching a new feature, expanding your business, adding a new vertical, taking your business abroad, etc.


You need Agile, Six Sigma, Jira, and other project management practices. Get The Premium 2021 Project & Quality Management Certification Bundle for a discounted price of $45.99. Usual price is $4,400.

Microsoft Excel

One of the best software tools available since the invention of computers and the internet is Microsoft Excel. A simple yet highly useful tool that will help you collect and analyze data like a data analytics professional.


First, you need to learn how to organize your data, then you need to learn how to use Power Bi, Tableu, and other third-party tools that will help you optimize Microsoft Excel. Get The Premium 2021 Microsoft Excel & Data Certification Bundle for a discounted price of $69.99. Usual price is $2,376.


What is an e-commerce business without proper accounting? That’s a recipe for money losses that can be avoided if you understand that accounting is more than merely recording your expenses. You need to understand cash flow, how to forecast financial futures, and lots more.


Sure, you can hire an accountant, but it also helps if you learn how to do some of these things by yourself in case you need to verify what your accountant tells you. Get The Ultimate Financial Accounting & CPA Certification Training Bundle for a discounted price of $34.99. Usual price is $1,592.


Those were the 10 skills you need to build a successful eCommerce business.


Each of the resources we recommended has a discount of at least 96%. Buy them now while the discounts are still available.

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